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How to Attain the Victory as a Leader

Image Credit: In fields like sport it’s pretty easy to identify the main influencers ...
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Be the hero and symbol of hope

Be the Hero and Symbol of Hope for the People in Your Life

Image Credit: A quick search for a definition of hero on the internet gave me the following results,  A person who is ...
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Be a solution

(Video) You Are The Solution, Rev. Pearl Kupe

Reverend Pearl Kupe Reverend Pearl Kupe, a servant leader of the Kingdom of God based in South Africa shares from the Word of ...
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Formal education

4 Aspects of Formal Education That May Be Crippling You

Image Credit: The common path for most of us growing up is that we should go through formal education, get good grades ...
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Operating in the Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson
Book Reviews

Book Review – Operating in the Courts of Heaven

Whenever a person is evicted from a property for one reason or another what normally happens is that the person evicting needs to ...
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Movie Reviews

Christian Movie Reviews: Woodlawn, the story of Tony Nathan

The late 1960s and early 1970s was a period in history that was coined the Jesus movement, a time when the Holy Spirit ...
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Why Leadership is A Massive Responsibility

According to John Maxwell everything rises and falls on leadership. This is true for governments, families, churches, sports teams and more. Look at ...

You Are The One

Welcome to 2015, ladies and gentlemen! The year 2014 has come and gone and so we find ourselves in a new season. For ...