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Why Not Pursuing Your Dreams is An Act of Selfishness

The world as we know it today is facing one of the most challenging times it has ever been through in history. We ...
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The Unconditional movie
Movie Reviews

Christian Movie Reviews: Unconditional

The Unconditional movie is a real life story about Joe Bradford, the founder of Elijah’s Heart whose purpose is to show love to ...
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Have the right prayer strategy

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Solid Prayer Strategy

If you have watched the Kendrick Brothers movie, “War Room”, you will remember this line from prayer warrior, Ms Clara, “To win any ...
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The Battle Plan for Prayer
Book Reviews

Book Review: The Battle Plan for Prayer, Kendrick Brothers

If you have watched the movie, “War Room” produced by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the founders of Kendrick Brothers, you will have learned ...
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Listen to the still small voice

Why It’s Important to Listen to the Still Small Voice

Image Credit: Viacreativa via The principle of the still small voice is taken from the story of Elijah the prophet in the book ...
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