4 Life Lessons from the Inspirational Braveheart Movie

4 Life Lessons from the Inspirational Braveheart Movie

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Braveheart movie

Braveheart movie

Braveheart is a 1995 movie based on the real life story of  Sir William Wallace, a Scottish legend that inspired Scotland to independence from the English. Set in the 1300s Scotland had been under tyrannical oppression from the English for centuries until a series of events that sparked a revolution that led to Scottish independence.

English King Edward the Longshanks heavily oppressed the Scots until it got to a boiling point that led to the Scotsmen retaliating and fighting for their freedom. Sir William Wallace was the man that inspired that revolution. He was lured into a trap and captured by the English. For his defiance and refusal to submit to the king he was beheaded and made an example to those who dared do the same.

His spirit lived on nonetheless in his fellow Scotsmen who followed through on Sir William Wallace’s vision of a free country. They fought for their independence and William Wallace would have been proud of them for their courage.

Braveheart is one of those movies that will never grow old and its legacy will live on. There are life lessons you can pick up from the movie and the following are some of them:

1. Freedom ain’t free

In spite of the Scottish desperately wanting freedom they had to step up and do something to get it. Life has taught me that it is a fight for territory. Even though God has given you His promises there are opposing forces that will try to keep you from receiving them. Scotland rightfully owned their land but that did not stop the English from tormenting them.

It was only until they decided to claim the land and do whatever it took to lay claim to it once and for all. We see the same in the Old Testament with the Israelites promise to inherit the Promised Land. The first time they had a glimpse of it they failed to possess it because they were unwilling to fight the giants that inhabited it except for Joshua and Caleb.

In the same way there are prophecies and promises that may have been declared over your life but remember that you have a real adversary the devil. The devil will do whatever he can to prevent you from receiving them but know who you are in Christ and you will overcome Him.

Are you looking to get into a new career or starting your own business? Perhaps you want to pursue a relationship with someone you really like. Whatever your objective know that you have to take the initiative to make it happen and God will see you through to the end as you do.

2. Real peace comes from total victory

The English strategy was to propose a truce with the Scots that included giving them land and other things to keep them quiet and under their control. For a long time this is how the Scots were subdued by the English. You could say they were merely surviving as slaves in their own land.

While William Wallace wanted to live in peace he understood that it would not come by settling for less than they deserved as a people. Through his courageous leadership he inspired his fellow Scotsmen to fight for their freedom. Even after he was beheaded his spirit lived on in them and they followed through with his vision and won their independence.

God never designed for you to live under oppression by another man. Oppression is devilish and not of God. Are there areas in your life where you are just settling for the little that you have been given at the expense of what God has created you to be? Are there fears that are holding you back from doing what you know God has told you to do with your life?

Imagine if Sir William Wallace had surrendered to the tyranny of the English. Maybe Scotland would not be a free nation and imagine where the lives of all its inhabitants would be today. What will your decisions today mean for your family or nation tomorrow? It is food for thought.

3. Crisis often leads to a discovery of your WHY

Following the death of his father and the bitter loss of his wife at the hands of the English William Wallace decided that enough was enough. He saw fellow Scotsmen being hanged as a young boy under the guise of the English wanting to make a truce with his people. He saw his wife being abused by an English man and killed for defending herself.

Those incidents were turning points in his life that determined the direction for the rest of his life and that of his nation Scotland. As he set out to avenge his wife he inadvertently began to unite the people of Scotland to fight for their independence.

In the same way the difficult or tragic events of your life could be the catalysts that propel you to your life’s destiny. All things work together for the good of those that love God.

4. It’s the size of your heart that counts

In the various duels between the English and the Scots the Scots were vastly outnumbered and seemingly less equipped with weaponry. That did not deter the Scots at all and they used to great effect the resources that they had. The English were more intimidating and equipped but they were ultimately defeated because the Scots were determined to win their independence.

You may have seen a picture of a kitten looking in the mirror and seeing itself as a lion. That is how the Scots saw themselves. Nothing can stop you from becoming all that you put your mind to accomplishing. It is nice to see an underdog winning against all odds. How bad do you want to win in life? Do not be intimated by the size of your mountain and know that you have the capacity to overcome it.


There are certainly more lessons that you can pick up from Braveheart which we would like you to share with us in the comments below. If Braveheart is a movie you have not watched make every effort to do so. It is really inspirational and has not lost its relevance even in this day and age. Thank you for making the time to read this post.

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