Book Review: Developing the Leader Within You

Book Review: Developing the Leader Within You

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John Maxwell - Developing the Leader Within You

John Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within YouA common saying that has become synonymous with John Maxwell’s teachings is, “A man who thinks he’s a leader, but who has no one following, is merely taking a walk.” Isn’t it funny sometimes how you think you may be leading but no one is even following? This happens quite a lot. It’s sad but true.

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One of the major reasons why people won’t follow a ‘leader’ is that they don’t have any real influence to inspire others to buy in to them and their vision. I learned this lesson multiple times and I’ve had to constantly up my game when it comes to leading other people.

Leadership starts with you the individual. You need to lead yourself first before you can lead others anywhere. This reminds of the scripture in the Bible that says,

Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” ~ Matthew 7:5

This book is a must read especially if you are in a leadership role. Here are a few of the lessons that you will learn when you read the book:

Priorities are the key to leadership

Successful leaders understand that success comes from focusing on a few things that bring the highest return. They don’t treat every task equally. They focus on high priority tasks and delegate the rest to their subordinates. In your business or organization where you work the CEO or Director will usually delegate some tasks to their department heads for example.

This gives them the time to give their maximum effort to tasks that will bring about significant change for the benefit of the organization. There’s only so much that you can do as an individual so you might as well give your best efforts to the most meaningful work.

The Most Important Ingredient of Leadership – Integrity

How many leaders do you know that lack this essential ingredient? It is probably one of the most important. This character trait is what either builds or destroys trust with other people. Leadership requires that you are someone that can be trusted. If people can trust you they will follow you and if they don’t, you’ll be walking alone for the most part.

Integrity means being the same person whether in private where no one sees you as well as in public. Many people think they can separate their private lives from their public lives but it doesn’t work that way, more so if you are a leader.

The Ultimate Test of Leadership – Creating Positive Change

Positive change is what a leader’s followers really want. People want to be inspired and as a leader that is what will be expected of you. That can only happen if you as the leader first change within. After changing yourself you can then inspire others to change and lead them to experience the same change you have.

Most people by nature are resistant to change. It takes a leader to persuade such people to embrace change and a new vision for their lives. Leadership is about serving therefore the vision you paint for your followers should show them the benefit they will derive from following you.


Get yourself a copy of the book today and learn more from John Maxwell so you can develop these leadership skills.

If you have read the book before what are some of the lessons you learned? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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