Book Review: The Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson

Book Review: The Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson

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The Dream Giver

The Dream GiverIf you ever feel like you are losing focus or don’t know what to do with your life this book can help point you in the right direction. Each one of us is a creation of the Almighty God created for a particular purpose on this earth. Therefore it is God that knows exactly what steps you should take at each point of your life.

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The Dream Giver,” by Bruce Wilkinson is a parable of a young man that’s looking for meaning in his life and goes through a range of experiences before getting to what we can refer to as his ‘Promised Land’. In many ways it helps you learn a lot about yourself and your life’s journey. When I first read the book I was able to identify the stage I was at and then made the best move forward.

I’m sure you have been in situations where you have been unsure about what to do at certain points in life. Whenever you find yourself in that position the first place to turn to is to the Lord by seeking Him in prayer. Given that He is our creator He will lead you in the right direction through your inner voice.

People are always going to want to give you advice about what to do with your life but it may not always be in your best interests. They may have good intentions to help you but listening to the inner voice, to what God is saying to you will take you to your promised land. Remember that you are unique and that your path will be different to other people’s paths to their promised lands.

I recall countless experiences of people that I know who when faced with a decision went with what their inner voice was saying to them. As a result of listening to the inner voice they experienced breakthroughs that might have not happened otherwise. Considering other people’s advice is good but the final decision should rest with you.

Many times your inner voice tells you to do something that doesn’t necessarily make logical sense but as you obey God’s voice and walk in faith you will experience the breakthrough that you are looking for.

In the book you will learn about the following:

  • Leaving your comfort zone
  • Dealing with dream stealers
  • Facing your giants
  • Going through the wasteland
  • And more….

Be sure to get yourself a copy of, “The Dream Giver” it will definitely change your life. Share this post with your friends and also leave your comments below. Stay tuned for another book review and until next time,

Be all you can be!

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