Book Review – The Four Year Career, Richard Brooke

Book Review – The Four Year Career, Richard Brooke

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Network marketing - the four year career

Network marketing - the four year careerIn a world that is constantly changing and having an impact on economies across the world people are being forced to rethink their strategies for financial security. About 95% of the world population know one thing, which is, exchanging time for money. This is what you were probably taught as well growing up as a young person.

This path entails going to school to get good grades, getting a good job and finding a good company to work for the rest of your life (at least 40 years.) In olden days this worked well because upon retiring you would get a pension package from the organization you worked for. That strategy was affected mainly due to the removal of the US dollar from the gold standard in the 1970s.

When this happened the value of money started depreciating and over time it is evident with what you see in this day and age. Hyper-inflation and decreased spending power are the effects that are prevalent today as a result.

In the book, “The Four Year Career” Richard Brooke shows us another way of working toward financial freedom. The plan we are accustomed to of working 40 years to retire on a pension is often referred to as the 40-year plan. The Four Year Career is the network marketing (or multi level marketing) path that if worked at consistently and doing the right things can help you achieve your financial goals.

Let us look at some of the main points you will get from this book and will help you see the possibilities for you and your loved ones.

A Four Year Career vs A Forty Year Career

As I have pointed out to you already the idea of working towards a pension to live off in your retirement years is not feasible in the present age. Having a job is a good starting point however but it is not wise to rely on that alone. Wealthy people have multiple streams of income.

In the book Richard Brooke shares his perspective on how network marketing can be a vehicle to invest in your future. Investing in real estate for example requires money to buy the properties which most people do not have.

In network marketing you need only a few hundred dollars to get into business and build an empire that can enable you to buy those properties. The chances of buying a property in your retirement years without a plan like this one are almost zero.

Most people doing the forty year plan expect to enjoy their retirement years going on holiday and having a lot of money to live on but that is not their reality.

You can give multi level marketing everything you’ve got for a season of your life at least four years and living the rest of your life like a champion. Alternatively you can play it safe all your life and miss out on the great experiences life has to offer. Multi level marketing is not for everyone but it is a better way of achieving the dreams you have for your life.

Why Network Marketing

The concept of network marketing is foreign to the majority of the population although more are becoming open to the idea. Events like the economic meltdown of 2007-2008 served as a wakeup call to people that lost their money and pensions that they were looking forward to cushioning them for their retirement.

Avoiding similar catastrophes in the future is a motivating factor for some people that were affected by this event. Richard Brooke shares some facts about the profession to educate people on how it can change their lives.

It is legal. Multi level marketing has often been thought to be a scam due to some companies that give the profession a bad name. However, it is a legitimate and legal profession that you can get into it if you are serious about living a more fulfilling life.

It is a major player in the global economy. This profession is a billion dollar industry that is growing every year. Part of what drives this growth is the relationships between the business owner and their customers. The relationship is based on trust and trust drives the growth of the companies.

How it Works

The system is simple and if implemented consistently and in the right way it will work for you. The basic steps include using the products of the company that you choose to be a part of to understand the benefits and have fun with them.

Recommending the products to your circles of influence becomes easier after you have used the products yourself. A common phrase in network marketing is that getting people to buy from you comes from a transference of belief in the products to your prospects.

Inviting your prospects to look at the opportunity is a key skill you need to build a team of customers to help you make the money you want to make. It entails inviting them to look at a presentation about the products as well as the money making opportunity that comes with it.

To become a master you will need to commit to putting in 10000 hours and you don’t have to quit your job. The majority of people start part time and build up their businesses over a period of time until they can safely transition from their jobs to doing the business full-time.

The Renaissance of the Family & Community

The time and money freedom that this profession offers is like no other. In certain parts of the world people work two to three jobs just to make ends meet meaning they rarely have time to spend with their families. Richard Brooke points out that this disintegration of families is a result of people being stuck in the rat race of the corporate world.

People want to return to a place where they can spend time with their loved ones and connect with them and the rat race leaves little room for that. Families are the foundation of our communities, neighborhoods and nations. Without solid families communities are compromised and leave us vulnerable.

Money is not the real motivation for people getting into this profession. While the money is good it is what the money can do for them and that is the power to make their own choices. Perhaps you can relate to this too. You have dreams and desires that you want see come to reality but at the moment it is not possible because someone else owns your life.

You want to spend your life with the people you love and doing what you love. The Four Year Career may just be the answer you have been looking for. Will it be easy? Not a chance in the world. Will it be worth it? You bet.


Be sure to get a copy of this book and learn more about the profession. You can be the next success story and inspire other people to do the same with their lives. Thank you for taking time to read this review. Please remember to share it on social media as well as share your thoughts in the comments below.

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