Christian Movie Reviews: God’s Compass

Christian Movie Reviews: God’s Compass

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Suzanne Waters (Karen Abercrombie) retires gloriously from her position as a school principal but is not sure what the remainder of her life holds. However, on the night she gives her valedictory speech and bids farewell to her school a series of events sets in motion an unexpected journey of discovery and finding answers to unanswered questions.

On the night of her school farewell Suzanne is accompanied by her daughter-in-law Jessica (Jazelle Foster) who is expecting a child while her son, David (TC Stallings) is caught up with work commitments at the hospital. As they leave after the occasion Jessica experiences unexpected pain in her womb as she drives home. Her expected delivery time is in a month’s time.

The pain gets so bad she is forced to stop by the side of the road and try to get help. She realizes that she dropped her phone somewhere and finds herself in a difficult position. While she is parked by the side of the road a young guy attempts to steal her vehicle only to find that his victim is pregnant and needing attention.

Caught in two minds between abandoning Jessica and helping her he is moved to take her to hospital where she can be attended to. Upon arriving to the hospital this young man, Eli, rushes Jessica to the hospital staff that admits and attend to her predicament.

It turns out that Eli is a convict as he is chased down by a police officer who sees him at the hospital. Eli is subsequently arrested and locked away in juvenile prison. Suzanne is troubled when she gets news of her daughter-in-law’s admission to hospital and goes to see her. The baby was delivered before time with complications that need special attention.

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David on the other hand gives little attention to his wife even though he works in the same hospital that his wife admitted to because of the demands his job places on him.

Not knowing why exactly, Suzanne is moved to go and see Eli in prison to thank him for taking Jessica to hospital when she could not take herself. His act of kindness saved the baby’s life and Suzanne chooses to return the act of kindness. What she does for Eli is to bail him out of prison which is the condition to be met for him to be released and set free.

Suzanne takes Eli into her home after he is released but getting to connect with him does not turn out to be an easy experience. Suzanne then discovers something about Eli’s family and the role that his father played in helping her own husband live longer than he could have and connects the dots of where all the recent experiences could be leading her.

God’s Compass teaches how as you go through life some things may not make sense but when you trust the leading of the Holy Spirit you will get to where God wants you to be. It is also a testimony to the principle that the good deeds you do today will be rewarded even to the benefit of generations after you.

Sometimes in life it is not just material resources that help us but the goodwill we show to other people. The same thing happened to Mordecai in the book of Esther in the Bible who uncovered a plot against King Xerxes. King Xerxes honored him by making him second in command in his kingdom.

This movie is an encouragement and a reminder to always choose to do the right thing even when no one else is watching. God in heaven is watching and will reward you according to your deeds.

Be sure to get the movie and watch it with your family. If you have seen the movie be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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