Christian Movie Reviews: Unconditional

Christian Movie Reviews: Unconditional

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The Unconditional movie

The Unconditional movieThe Unconditional movie is a real life story about Joe Bradford, the founder of Elijah’s Heart whose purpose is to show love to underprivileged children and their families. He runs the organization with his wife Denise in the United States. His is a touching story of how God can use your life struggles to lead you to a place of purpose instead of destroying you.

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The struggles that Joe Bradford encountered earlier in his life include poverty, nearly dying from a snake bite, facing time in prison for computer hacking and kidney disease. During that time Joe and Denise had encounters with many young children from broken homes whom they began to assist by meeting their needs.

Realizing the great need that all these children had they were moved to start their organization to help these children and today they are still touching their lives. This review will not do much justice in explaining the impact that the couple have made but I will point out a few things that will inspire you to use your life’s struggles to live a purposeful life:

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A humbling experience

It is understood that Joe Bradford was all set for a successful career as an IT professional. A big IT company was ready to take him on board after his graduation but it didn’t work out unfortunately. He was the most intelligent of students in his graduating class and in a series of events leading up to graduation some friends dared him to hack into a certain computer system.

His pride did not allow him to back down from the challenge and he went ahead and did it just to prove himself. He was arrested and failed to graduate as a result. While in prison he experienced other challenges that brought him to a place where he was forced to reflect on his and life and realize the mess that he had put himself in.

A time of consecration

In the movie he narrates that it was his time in prison that he found Jesus and identified himself with him. While his life didn’t have a sudden turnaround God was doing a new work in his heart. He was eventually released from prison after serving his sentence and because he hadn’t graduated and had a criminal record attached to him he couldn’t find a job.

He and his wife were forced to move into the projects given the financial struggles that they were experiencing. With his kidney disease it obviously made life that much more difficult and perhaps almost a nightmare experience. However, God wasn’t done with him.

Identifying and filling a need

It happened that they came across that they met a little girl who stared through their window on one morning. They gave her some candy and she went off and brought more little children with her. Joe and Denise also helped them but they eventually realized that there was a much bigger problem at hand.

They discovered that many of them were from broken homes stricken with poverty and in some cases abuse from parents. This need moved them both to form their organization, Elijah’s Heart, that is committed to helping little children in such situations and they are still committed to that mission to this day.

All those hardships that Joe and wife went through were not a wasted experience. They were preparation ground for them to take care of the numbers of children they were looking after and this has been their life’s purpose which has changed so many lives and families.

If you have not watched the Unconditional movie be sure to make time to check it out.

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