How One Man Is Changing Lives through Service

How One Man Is Changing Lives through Service

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Papa Joe Bradford

Papa Joe BradfordOur theme over the previous posts has been about service because that is the model Jesus Christ set for us when He lived on earth. In a world where most look to be served the order of the Kingdom of serving others does not make sense. Each one of us has a special assignment on earth to accomplish great things only through service to others. That is true greatness.

As a person that loves to learn from great people I came across the story of Joe Bradford, founder of a non-profit organization based in the United States called Elijah’s Heart. Growing up he always wanted to do great things by helping people. In the pursuit of that dream life happened to him as he faced numerous challenges along the way. He grew up not really knowing his father who was rarely present and was raised by his mother and grandmother.

He went to college to study Computer Engineering which he did really well and was on course for a great career. However, he was never able to get a job after being found out to be involved in computer hacking and as a result he was imprisoned for some years. Due to his dire situation he was forced to move to the projects when he was released. His health began to deteriorate when he suffered kidney failure and had to survive on dialysis.

Through all those struggles he sought the Lord who gave him a new vision for his life. In his neighbourhood he saw the need to love and nurture young children from difficult backgrounds a lot of them coming from fatherless homes. Joe and his wife, Denise, began caring for these children by sharing whatever they had and as more of them came to them for assistance they started Elijah’s Heart to help care for the children. Joe became known as Papa Joe as a result of his affection for these children.

His story is so powerful that a movie called Unconditional was produced based on his life experiences. This is a man who found his sense of purpose and lives a meaningful life in spite of the challenges that he’s faced along the way. Serving yourself only brings self-satisfaction but serving others results in fulfillment. Many lives are waiting on you to take up your responsibility to serve so that the world can be a better place.

I am sure you have your own story that is waiting to be lived out. It will definitely inspire more people than you can even imagine. We are born to be a blessing to other people and not just be blessed. That is the way of life.

Share this story using the social media buttons and feel free to share your own story below of how your life has been impacted by others or how your service has helped other people in life. Your stories matter. Live your life to the full to give God the glory and be a blessing to others as a result.

Be all you can be!

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