Money Principles – Part 5

Money Principles – Part 5

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Thank you again for joining us today. If you have followed us this far it shows that you’re serious about creating wealth and we congratulate you. The only way to take total control of your life is by taking control of your income source. Without that you’re not really free because your life will be dictated by other people. Let us look at two more ways to help you create genuine wealth.

Make thy gold multiply

We spoke about paying yourself 10% of all that you earn in the previous article. This is for investment towards building wealth. In simple terms you want to use this money to generate more money for you through profitable investments. Words of caution though; avoid putting your money towards ‘get rich quick schemes.‘ Consider what the Bible says in Proverbs 20:21, “An inheritance gained hastily at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.

Anything of significance takes time to build so it’s best to be diligent in doing the simple disciplines of creating wealth. Another form of investment is investment in your education. Education can be doing a course that is related to your line of work that can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It can also be attending seminars where you are trained to become a leader, create wealth, start a business, etc. Investment in your mind is probably the best investment you can make in yourself because no one can take it away from you and it equips you to do greater things in life.

Think about the parable of the talents in terms of multiplying your substance. Two of them were diligent to produce more with what they were given while the one was not. The talent given to the one who did not produce more was taken away from him and given to the one who had produced the most because he demonstrated his ability to manage finances.

Guard thy treasures from loss

As I mentioned in the previous point, you have to invest wisely and protect your investment jealously. As human beings we are easily tempted to jump onto any deals that promise high returns in a short period of time. Before fully committing to any investment it’s imperative to do your due diligence and get advice from someone with a good track record in investments.

More importantly NEVER take advice from people that are broke otherwise you’ll be headed down that path yourself if you do. There are numerous forms of investment available to all of us and the key is to find one that best suits your needs and aspirations. Therefore protect your investment jealously. Failure to do so will translate to financial calamity for you.

Those were two more nuggets of financial wisdom to follow in order to create wealth and achieve financial freedom. Remember, in order to have total control of your life you need to have control of your finances. Join us again in the next article for a few more practical ways to become financially free. Leave your views and comments below and share this with your friends and family using the social media buttons. Until next time,

Be all you can be!

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