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The Value of Effective Teamwork

And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; ...
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Leading by Example

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The benefits of mentoring

3 Enormous Benefits of Mentoring

Image Credit: Mentoring is the process of learning skills and being guided through the pursuit of worthwhile goals and objectives. The outcome ...
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Young people in the twenties
Life Success

5 Things You Should Do in Your Twenties

Image Credit: The time of your youth is one of the best experiences you can have in life. It’s not until that ...
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Double minded person

Why Being a Lukewarm Christian is Not at All Desirable

Image Credit: Pixabay There are countless people all over the world whose potential has been wasted simply because they never were decided on ...
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Getting out of a slump

5 Steps to Follow to Get Out of A Slump

Image Credit: T here are times when life gets pretty overwhelming and as a result you feel like your life is totally ...
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How to earn money

How I made $980 from $40 in 2.5 months

Image Credit: Making money gives you options to do so much more in life. I have a mentor that has quite a ...
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Why Leadership is A Massive Responsibility

According to John Maxwell everything rises and falls on leadership. This is true for governments, families, churches, sports teams and more. Look at ...

You Are The One

Welcome to 2015, ladies and gentlemen! The year 2014 has come and gone and so we find ourselves in a new season. For ...