Setting Your Goals for the New Year

Setting Your Goals for the New Year

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Goal setting

Goal setting

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We are fast approaching the New Year and for some of us it is a time for reflecting on what we have done during the year and making plans for the coming year. Reflection is a very important part of making progress in life because it gives you an understanding of the journey you have travelled helping you to adjust accordingly to get you closer to what you want to accomplish.

You may remember from the series, Why You Must Pursue Your God-given Dreams that about 3-5% of people worldwide control about 95% of the wealth. A huge contributor to that statistic is that those few people set and achieve their goals while the rest just wish that things would change in their lives. Some believe that someone has to rescue them from their hardships.

I learned of a study that was done at Yale University in 1953 to establish whether or not setting goals had a significant impact on a person? success in life. The study was carried out through interviews and questionnaires. The findings were that 85% of all graduating seniors had not prepared any plan for their lives, 12% had attempted to set and achieve their goals while only 3% had prepared a detailed plan for their lives.

20 years later, in 1973, the study was concluded and it was discovered that the 3% that had a detailed plan acquired more assets and made more money than the 97% combined. It was also noted that this small group was much happier and more fulfilled.

It’s quite an interesting study, isn’t it? It goes to show that things don’t just happen. We have to plan our lives. Some people have the mistaken belief that God will bless them so they don’t have to do much or anything at all. While God does surprise us with miracles at times it is not the rule, but the exception.

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” ~ Proverbs 16:9

You have the power inside of you to achieve anything you want to achieve. You have to realize that power and use it to your advantage. In the previous post we talked about how to identify your purpose which would be a good starting point for you. When you have identified your purpose goal setting should be the next thing you do. But more important than just setting goals take massive action to make your dreams become a reality.

Writing down your goals is an important first step that many people don’t do. Go even further by making things happen and become successful as a result. The simple steps to goal getting are covered in a series I wrote a while back which you can start reading from here. They are summarized below:

  1. Establish your Position
  2. Determine your Destination
  3. Prepare your Plan
  4. Take meaningful Action
  5. Record the Results

For the 97% population the New Year will not really be a new year but a repeat of the previous one. By you reading this my belief is that you want to make the shift to being part of the 3% population that achieve their goals and live more fulfilling lives. You have the ability to change your life right now by making the decision to do so. Make the coming year the best one of your life.

If you learned something from this post share in the comments section below. I am sure you know people that can benefit from this information so make sure you share this post with them through email or social media. Enjoy the process of setting and achieving your goals.

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