The Cashflow Quadrant: B-Quadrant Freedom

The Cashflow Quadrant: B-Quadrant Freedom

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Big business owners on the right side of The Cashflow Quadrant are living life on their own terms. They understood that they needed to have systems in place that will generate income for them even when they are not around. Most people are accustomed to exchanging time for money but unfortunately none of us can work forever.

Being a successful BQuadrant business owner allows you to keep making money without having to be present at your company. This is what is called Passive Income. “How can I achieve this kind of freedom?” you may be asking. Starting a business typically requires massive capital investment in setting up as well as overheads. On top of that it takes time to start seeing growth in your business. This is not at all easy but definitely worth it. It’s one of the main reasons why very few people become successful in this quadrant.

Most people don’t have the emotional fortitude to go through the heart wrenching experiences that accompany business owners on their way to financial freedom. That is the main ingredient that sets apart people on the right side from the left side of The Cashflow Quadrant. Again, you may be asking, “Many of us don’t have significant capital. How then can I experience that level of accomplishment?” I would say start with what you have and where you are. Seeking out a mentor that has the level of success you aspire to help to shorten your learning curve and hence helps you to achieve more in a short period of time.

Another option that appeals to the majority of people is joining a network marketing company. Starting up with these companies usually requires a few hundred dollars at the most but has the potential to grow into a million dollar business. Another advantage of network marketing businesses is that you are coached by people that are already successful which significantly shortens your learning curve. You get to learn the skills required to be successful and how to overcome your fears and limitations.

On the contrary when you start your own business from scratch it takes a lot of experimentation and failure before you get it right but with network marketing companies you get a head start through the training and coaching available as long as you plug into it. So, there is hope after all for everyone! We will touch more on network marketing in a future series.

Whichever business model you choose to work with it is far more liberating than having to get to go to a job everyday. When you own your life by operating on the right side of the cashflow quadrant the possibilities for what you can do with your life are endless. You get to spend time with the people that matter most in your life, travel around the world, learn new skills when you want, and more.

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