The Cashflow Quadrant: The E Quadrant Mindset

The Cashflow Quadrant: The E Quadrant Mindset

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In the previous article we gave a brief introduction to the E Quadrant and the basic pattern of people that reside in that quadrant. If you missed out on the information you can find it here. As mentioned previously the different quadrants represent different mindsets at the core. People in the E Quadrant think totally different from people in the B Quadrant, for example. The following characteristics describe the mindset of most people in the E Quadrant:


I think it’s safe to say that most of us growing up were taught that we should perform very well at school in order to get good grades. After getting good grades the next objective is to find a job with good pay and benefits. The aim is to live comfortably such that you can pay your living expenses and generally get by in life. Some employers provide additional benefits such as medical aid cover, housing allowances, transport money, retirement plans, etc.

It’s that need for security from the employer that keeps employees working as long as they possibly can. In reality though, no one can guarantee you security especially in these times of uncertainty all over the world. Your boss is only responsible for paying you at the end of each month. It is your responsibility to make yourself financially free.


Employees in the E Quadrant generally don’t like uncertainty or anything that could potentially jeopardize their income. So if you’re an employer you need to speak in the employees’ language and staying true to your word in order to win them over. As long as they are getting paid they are happy. Employees want assurance from their employer that their futures are secure. In reality that’s not the case, however.

According to the late Edwin Louis Cole, peace and passivity are not synonymous. You have to be pro-active as a person to make something meaningful of your life. Living the lifestyle you desire does not happen on autopilot. You have to intentionally create it for yourself. When you are passive it is easy to believe everything and anything that people tell you whether what they say is true or not. That is a very dangerous thing to do and a bad habit worth eliminating from your life.

Employers can’t totally guarantee that security given the tough economic times we are facing in this day and age. You may then be asking, “How can I guarantee my financial future if my employer cannot?” As mentioned in the previous article you need to take that responsibility upon yourself because if you leave it to someone else you’re going to be in big trouble.

That question will be answered in the next article. We hope you have gained some valuable insight from the information shared in this article. Feel free to share your views in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for the next article to learn how you can become financially free as an employee. Until then,

Be all you can be!

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