The Cashflow Quadrant: The S-Quadrant

The Cashflow Quadrant: The S-Quadrant

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Previously we looked at the world of employees in the E-Quadrant detailing the characteristics of that quadrant as well as how to become financially free. The E-Quadrant is where most people live and can therefore relate to the lifestyle of that world. Now we will switch our attention to the S-Quadrant which is on the same side as the E-Quadrant. The S-Quadrant is typically characterized by people that want to be their own boss so that they don’t have to report to anyone but themselves.
The S-Quadrant characteristics are as follows:

  • S-Quadrant people determine their own working hours
  • They charge for services based on the amount of time they invest in the work
  • They are normally perfectionists
  • Pride themselves in providing excellent service
  • Most of them work on their own

While the above lifestyle may seem attractive it’s not all that rosy. It is probably the hardest quadrant to operate from. In the S-Quadrant you normally handle all the aspects of your practice where in the E-Quadrant they would be handled by various people e.g. administration, paying taxes, etc in addition to providing service to clients.

People that are in the S-quadrant typically start in the E-quadrant and make the transition to the S-quadrant. They would have worked as an employee under someone else, mastered their skill and felt that they are ready to do their own thing without having to worry about a boss. They take it upon themselves to create the lifestyle that they want around their business.

While S-Quadrant people can determine their own working hours they work much harder than people in the S-Quadrant. In fact, the more successful they are the harder they work which gets them little time to rest. On the other hand when they go away for some time they don’t get paid. This turns out to be the most time taxing quadrant and burn out is a typical characteristic because the people in this quadrant work extremely hard.

From the outside it looks like life in the S-quadrant is glamorous and that you can do whatever you want whenever you want. However, in reality this is not really true. I should also point that they really take pride in their expertise and want to be acknowledged for the great work that they do. Making money at times may not be their biggest motivator compared to being acknowledged and respected for their expertise.

Examples of people in this quadrant are brain surgeons, lawyers, consultants, real estate agents, hairstylists and sales people. Looking at these examples will show you that for the most part their income is determined by how much work and time they are willing to invest.

In the next part we will cover the mindset of the S-Quadrant to give an understanding of why they operate in the way they do. Are you an S-Quadrant person? Do you agree with the information that we just shared? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments below. Feel free to share the information on social media. Until next time,

Be all you can be!

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