The Wilderness Experience

The Wilderness Experience

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Can you recall times when you had made the decision to pursue your dream and you felt that the dream is right around the corner? I would like to believe that all of us have at some point in our lives. We start off super excited and charged up to get to our Promised Land. When Moses and the Israelites crossed the River Jordan it seemed as though God would lead them straight to the Promised Land. As things turned out Israel spent the next 40 years wondering in the wilderness before they eventually got to the Promised Land. Let’s dissect that entire experience and relate it to our own lives.

Getting into the wilderness is an experience that we all have to go through; it is designed to build your character. Israel had just come out of bondage from Egypt and they needed to be re-conditioned before they could conquer the Promised Land. What are some of the similar experiences that you’ve gone through before? Whatever efforts you put towards your dream seem to be futile no matter what you do. A lot of unexpected things happen and you tend to ask, “Why is this happening to me?

I have asked myself that question and I’m sure you have at some point. The wilderness is God’s way of preparing you to become the kind of person that can handle the Big Dream He has given you. In times like these God seems absent but know that He’s always right there beside you. You need to trust Him more than ever knowing that His Word will guide you as you navigate your way through the wilderness or wasteland.

Israel was tested when God sent spies to look at the Promised Land. A number of the spies came back with a negative report believing that they were like grasshoppers before the giants in that land. God cannot allow you to move forward before you deal with certain issues in your life because if He does your Big Dream can potentially destroy you. Allow God to work on you in the wasteland so that He can mould you into the person that you need to become.

For the next 40 years God taught them to learn to trust in Him before they crossed over to the Promised Land under Joshua’s leadership. Joshua and Caleb were the only two spies that returned with a good report and the rest that were negative never made it to the Promised Land but perished in the wilderness. Are you constantly failing to cross over to your Promised Land? It may be that there are issues that you still haven’t dealt with that are keeping you from advancing. God’s grace is sufficient in our weaknesses. Reach out to Him and allow Him to work on you.

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