(Video) God’s Grace: I Just Don’t Get It, TC Stallings

(Video) God’s Grace: I Just Don’t Get It, TC Stallings

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TC Stalling God's Grace

The grace of God is a gift that no one can earn, it is freely given by our Almighty Father in Heaven. By His grace we are saved through faith, not because of our works. The Bible also says that while we were yet sinners Christ loved us. In other words even when we were lost in our worldly ways He already had a plan for each of us.

Everything that has happened in your life to this point is not a surprise to God. Sometimes you may not be aware of God’s grace in your life through the good and the bad times. TC Stallings shares his experiences of God’s grace in his life from being a young boy until today as an adult.

Be assured that God is in control and that you do not have to worry about what tomorrow will look like because God has it taken care of. See the video above and leave your comments below.

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