(Video) Intercessory Prayer: But I Have Prayed for You

(Video) Intercessory Prayer: But I Have Prayed for You

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Intercessory prayer

Intercessory prayer

The world today as we know it is going through the toughest periods ever. With so much uncertainty about the future it is very easy to become self-consumed and forget to think about other people. In the sermon featured here Dr. Tawafadza Makoni speaks about the importance of praying for other people especially when we are going through hard times.

I do not know where you are in life right now. Maybe you are in and out of employment or you are unemployed. Perhaps your health is deteriorating due to some disease or illness and the last thing on your mind is thinking about someone else.

The answer to your challenges is intercessory prayer for other people because as you pray for other people Jesus is also praying for you. When you make intercession for other people it is like a sowing a seed for your own breakthrough to come to pass.

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” ~ Philippians 2:4

I can relate to the frustrations of unmet needs especially in the area of provision and financial resources. There are times when I feel like there is no hope for the future yet when I take the time to be a blessing to other people I usually have a sense of peace come over me when I minister to them.

A selfless prayer for protection for your fellow brothers and sisters around you will do you a lot of good. Take the time to pray for people as that is a way to show that you love them. I learned over the last few months that prayer produces intimacy and as you pray for people a genuine affection for them will grow in your heart.

Looking out for yourself is one reason why many prayers go unanswered. There is a good illustration in the Bible about making intercession for other people. In the book of Genesis chapter 20 Abraham prays for Abimelech’s wife and female servants that they would bear children.

Shortly after that in chapter 21 we learn that Sarah conceives and bears her own son Isaac. In other words intercessory prayer really does work. Whatever it is you believe God for find someone with a similar desire or pain point that needs intercessory prayer and pray for them. God will come through for you as you can see that it is a principle and pattern of His word.

Getting into the habit of beginning to praying for other people may be a challenging process for you but it is possible nonetheless. Think about the people you interact with on a daily basis such as your workmates, friends, the beggar you normally pass by but ignore, the friend that has been asking you for help with something.

If you take the time to ask God will begin to show you the people you should pray for. As you begin to pray for them God will also do a work in your heart for greater things.

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