(Video) The Three Battles, Alex Kendrick

(Video) The Three Battles, Alex Kendrick

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Alex Kendrick

Alex Kendrick

Alex Kendrick is the co-founder of Kendrick Brothers productions working side by side with his brothers Stephen and Shannon. Together they have worked on Christian movies that have been used as a ministry tool to change the lives of people in their community and around the world.

The movies they have produced are Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous and War Room with the first four produced under the leadership of their senior pastor Michael Catt. Stephen Kendrick has been responsible for the development of related curriculum for each movie that people use as study material.

Alex Kendrick

Their success has led them to become consultants for other Christian film makers which is one of the reasons why they felt God calling them to set up their own company with the blessing of their senior pastor.

Alex Kendrick addressed the church at a conference where he taught on three battles that every believer goes through and must win in order for God to command his blessing on the work of their hands. In brief the three battles are:

1. Personal battlefield

This has to do with your personal relationship with God and being in right standing with Him. This includes your personal walk with Him as well as your family and other personal matters. You need to constantly examine yourself so that you are in right standing with Him.

2. Corporate battlefield

To effectively fight on the corporate battlefield it is important to win your personal battles. Failure to do so disqualifies you from making an impact as a local church with your fellow believers. When you are not in sync with God’s plan it is impossible to be in unity with the body of believers hence without that unity God cannot command His blessing.

3. Kingdom battlefield

This is the arena where the body of Christ should stand united in spite of being part of different churches. When the church is united regardless of some differences it can make a difference in the nation and this is what is needed for God to transform your nation.


Listen to Alex Kendrick in the video above as he expands on these points and be sure to apply them in your life.

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