(Video) What is Your Purpose?- Christian Motivation

(Video) What is Your Purpose?- Christian Motivation

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What is your purpose

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The world today is much busier than ever before as a result of the changing environment worldwide. In the developed countries robotics are becoming a permanent fixture which have had the effect of people losing their jobs in the process.

As jobs continue to be lost stress levels in people’s lives are increasing and the result is fear of what life holds in an uncertain future. Those that do have jobs are living in constant fear that they may lose them and tend to acquire more qualifications to have ‘job security’. In truth “job security” is really an illusion especially as most companies are trying to cut costs by all means.

I am not implying that seeking more knowledge is a bad thing; it’s good personal development. However, with most people acquiring more qualifications isn’t really about personal development but rather a motivation based on fear to increase chances of keeping a job that tomorrow may not be around. The bad thing about that is that fear attracts the negative instead of the good you want to have in your life.

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” ~ Greg Anderson

The ultimate end of this pattern of behavior is getting into a rat race and coming to the end of your life only to realize that you have never truly lived. It pays to take the time to discover the purpose of life and what role you play in it.

So I ask, “What is your purpose?” This is a question you need to seriously consider and answer. Like the people I described earlier, some think their purpose is to pursue material things like getting a home, an education, making a lot of money, to name a few. While some do attain these things they never are never truly satisfied with life. The reason is that those things can never satisfy you.

“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ~ Matthew 6:33

At the core the purpose of life is to have an impact in the lives of other people for advancing the Kingdom of God. Your purpose is the reason that God created you, for the fulfilment of certain assignments to make a difference in the lives of others.

Study the people that are purposeful in life and you will realize that resources, money, favor with God and men chases after them instead of them chasing after those things. It is better to have a vision of where your life is going and then the provision will follow.


Here are some pointers to help you identify your purpose:


What are the things that excite you the most? The things that move your spirit can give you some insight into what your purpose might be.

People that are the most successful in life love what they do, they don’t just do things to make money. These include people like Alex and Stephen Kendrick (Kendrick Brothers ) whose life is committed to creating Christian movies that are transforming lives all around the world.

Another person that stands out for me is legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. At times his passion was extreme but his passion made the NBA popular all over the world and other stars today were inspired by his love for the game.

Money comes as a byproduct somewhere along the way for the value that you bring to the people around you.

Natural abilities

Think about the things you used to enjoy as a child, things that were so natural to you and you enjoyed doing. I read about a study which spoke about how when we grow up we lose the zeal we had as kids because we were told NO more times than we were told YES.

As a result the world becomes filled with adults who have given up on their dreams. Some of those abilities can be leadership, managing, working with your hands, administration, etc. The frustration that comes with most people is that they work in jobs that don’t bring out their natural abilities – working from pay check to pay check just to make money.

Given that a huge part of your life is spent working it would be better to work at something that you love and brings fulfillment to you and makes an impact on the world around you. When you begin to do that, starting with what you have where you are, God will begin to open doors of opportunity for you to take it to another level.

Learned skills

There are some things that you will learn in your life’s journey though they may not necessarily be things you are passionate about. Some of these skills will contribute to the overall vision you have for your life. If for example you are passionate about creating music but you did a course in business management at some point in your life that knowledge will help you to create a successful business in that area.

Some things happen in our lives that we don’t necessarily enjoy at the time and may not also make sense. When you look back and begin to connect the dots of your life experiences you will begin to see how all things were working together for the good of your vision and life purpose.


What is your purpose in life and what are you doing about it? Feel free to share in the comments below

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