Why You Must Pursue Your Prophetic Dreams – Part 2

Why You Must Pursue Your Prophetic Dreams – Part 2

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In the previous post we came to the understanding that we all have gifts and talents that we ought to use to fulfill the assignment God assigns to each of us. In the process of carrying out your assignment other people are blessed and you are blessed even more for using them because it is more blessed to give than it is to receive (Acts 20:35) If you missed the first post read it here and continue from there.

Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men.” ~ Proverbs 22:29

All of us have gifts and talents that God put in us when we were created yet very few people actually ever use them to the full. It is understood that people can be classified in two brackets, that is, the 3%ers and the 97%ers. The 3%ers are the people that actually live their lives to the best of their ability using their gifts and talents. These are the people that we read about in the history books for doing great and mighty exploits. They are society’s heroes and we admire them greatly.

The 97%ers on the other hand live average lives just going through the motions of everyday life. For them there’s nothing new to look forward to. Each year is never really a new year but merely a repeat of the old one. They really don’t stand out because they are more worried by what other people think about them if they decided to do things outside the status quo.

Acceptance by other people is one of the major motivating factors for 97%ers to remain the way they are and familiar with. They live more passively than proactively.

You may be asking yourself where the difference lies between the 2 types of people. Since we are all created in God’s image surely He created us all with a unique set of talents hence everyone should be successful in their lives. This is not the case, however, since there are other forces that come into play but some become successful and others do not.

It’s important to realize that God didn’t show favoritism in creating certain people. We are all more than adequately equipped to do great exploits for the Lord and that should breed confidence in our individual lives. A mentor of mine normally says, “Arrogance is thinking that you are better than someone else but confidence is the understanding that no one is better than you.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of what we see with our physical eyes is an illusion. A lot of the things that we see are not the truth though they may be factual. There is an agenda by the enemy to destroy mankind and the unfortunate thing is that he has done a good job of deceiving the masses into believing his lies.

At the end of day it comes down to one of two choices: the red pill or the blue pill. When you take the blue pill it’s a choice of ignoring that there is a problem with our life and living like there’s nothing wrong. It is like the ostrich that buries its head in the sand so the dull aching pain seemingly goes away and you carry on with your life like every other day.

For those that take the red pill you will find out the exact truth. Some of you will not like what you see and get upset about it. However, you will get to understand the rules of this game called life and be empowered to do something about it for the better. The word of God gives us confidence about what it means to know the truth,

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~ John 8:32

A lot of people are living an illusion and do not want to acknowledge the truth. Should you want to know the truth I invite you to stay tuned for the next post to find out what is wrong with our world and what you can do about it. Only when you acknowledge that there is a problem can you then do something about it. Share this post on social media and feel free to leave your comments below.

To be continued

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