Top 10 Powerful Books You Need to Give Teenage Readers

Top 10 Powerful Books You Need to Give Teenage Readers

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In this post we review the top 10 books for the teenage years of a young people’s lives. Many young teens would have a greater start to life by going through them.

The older you grow and reflect back on your life there are some things you wish you had known sooner that would have put you in a better position today. It makes you realize what you could have done differently to enjoy a greater level of success today.

The days of your youth are some of
the most important moments in life where life defining decisions are often made
pertaining to your future. In my experience there are certain life lessons I
believe can help any young person to get started on the right note to becoming
what God created them to be in this world.

The following are 10 books I would encourage teenagers to invest in as they go through life:

1. The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the absolute
number one book in the whole world. It’s not like an ordinary novel but it is
God’s own word that comes alive when we read it. When you get born again as a
believer God requires that you lead your life according to His commands.

Those commands are found in the
Bible which is split in two categories- the Old Testament and New Testament. Make
it a daily habit to meditate on His word that you lead a life honors Him and
will bring prosperity.

2. The Pursuit

The focus of this book is the
discovery of your God-given purpose and living it out for His glory. It was
authored by famous actor TC Stallings, the lead male actor in the number one
2015 movie, War Room. The first part
of the book chronicles his journey from pursuing a career in football which was
his number one pursuit to becoming an actor and minister of the Word of God.

The second part talks about the
steps he took to discover God’s purpose for his life that you can apply today
in your life so you can live for God’s glory. The lessons shared are the
difference between living a victorious life in Christ and a lack of fulfilment
and frustration.

In all honesty you can’t just be
ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE! God has a blueprint for your life such that if you
follow it your life will be fulfilling. TC Stallings breaks it down for you
really well in his book.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Very few families ever talk about
money intentionally the world over and no wonder why there’s so much poverty as
a result. In Robert Kiyosaki’s bestselling book you will learn the basics about
how to become financially free and more importantly to become the right person
to do so.

Money is not taught in schools and
for the most part the average child never gets to understand how it works. The
lack of financial education is the main reason why the majority of the world
population struggles financially. Imagine if you learned the fundamentals at a
young age how much brighter your future would look like?

Robert Kiyosaki takes complex money
concepts and simplifies them in a way that the average Joe can understand and
learn. In this book you will learn the difference between assets and
liabilities, how to think like an entrepreneur, and the primary reason why you
work (which might not be what you think.) Imagine if your kids and many others
learned how to start and manage a business at a young age.

4. The Battle Plan for Prayer

Alex and Stephen Kendrick’s Battle
Plan for prayer is a powerful book with many lessons about prayer that brings
Heaven here on earth. Prayer in its most basic form is communication with God
that enables you to connect with Heaven and effect change in your sphere of

You will learn the different types
of prayer, the names of God that describe who He is in your life, prayer
strategies, why we are meant to pray and more. The Bible says you must train up
your children in the way they should go so that when they are older they will
not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6)

Young men and women that seek the
Lord in prayer at a young age become influential in their communities and
beyond through the God’s power. The more young people in your circles that seek
God wholeheartedly the brighter the future will look and it all starts in

5. Sexual Integrity

In Jewish culture young boys are
considered men when they turn thirteen years of age and begin to learn
principles of manhood at that time. Young women too begin to mature and grow as
they enter into one of the most challenging phases of a young person’s life.

As a parent or guardian you would
do well to educate your teenagers about sex. In Edwin Cole’s classic book,
Sexual Integrity, he speaks about the subject of sex – what it is, its purpose,
its sacred nature and the problems that can arise when it’s out of control.

In today’s world that gives young
people exposure to many things it’s important to intentionally teach them about
the subject and not learn from people with agendas to destroy their lives via
the media. This book is a good tool you can use to save young people’s lives
and educate them about the importance of staying pure until they get married.

6. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Developing children’s leadership
ability at a young age teaches them to be responsible as they grow up and to
work well with other people. Being a leader provides big opportunities for growth
and to become a more effective person. John C Maxwell’s book, ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
is one of the best books I know to learn this valuable subject.

Put this book in your children’s
hands and you will give them a head start in life. They will learn that in
order to go up in life they have to learn to serve other people and help solve
their problems. In most organizations and institutions the idea of leadership
is that of having authority figures that demand to be served by their
subordinates instead of the other way around.

The more our children and young
people learn the essence of servant leadership the better equipped they will
become to create positive change in their communities.

7. The Great Connection

The Bible says in John 4:24, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” This is the essence of true worship and leads to a life of a great and fulfilling relationship with God. In, ‘The Great Connection,’ Bonnie Deuschle teaches how we ought to praise and worship God as He commands in the scriptures.

She teaches that as human beings we
are created to praise. If you’re not praising God you’re bound to praise
someone or something else instead. The teachings are based on seven Hebrew
words for praise and how you can apply them to effectively praise and worship
God in your life.

Young people are bound to worship
celebrities and anyone deemed to be worthy to follow in the world; However,
this book will teach you who your praise and worship must be directed to and
how because you become what you behold.


MAP4LIFE is an acronym for ‘My
Action Plan for Life’ written by Glen McQuirk. It’s more a vision defining and
goal setting tool to write the blueprint of your life and what God created you
to be. As a civil engineer by training Glen McQuirk breaks down in simple terms
how to discover the purpose God created you for on this earth.

His methodical approach to defining
your purpose, identifying opportunities and challenges, setting goals,
developing habits, managing money, etc. will help you to start living a life of
purpose. Again, children are not taught in school how to set life changing
goals and become what God created them to be.

This book is a great tool to put in
their hands to help them discover God’s purpose for their lives. According to
statistics about 3% of the entire world population become wealthy in life and
it’s because they have well defined blueprints for their lives. Give yourself
and your kids the head start they need to realize their full potential.

9. Talent is never Enough

This is another John C Maxwell
classic that every young person would do well to read. For the most part young
people assume that they only need to be good at something to make a success of
themselves in their chosen area. This has to do with having a good intelligence
quotient (IQ).

In reality they get to discover
that it’s not always the case, however. They then realize that they have to
develop the right character traits to complement their talents. While there’s a
level of teaching about character in schools it’s not extensive enough to
empower young people to make the right choices in their lives.

The book, ‘Talent is never Enough,’ teaches thirteen choices that you have to
make in order to maximize your potential. While talent is great strength of
character is that much more important to become all that God created you to be.
The sooner you can learn these the more you can achieve by making the right
choices in everything you do.

10. Courage

Another Edwin Cole classic about
learning to be courageous from a young age. The focus is around examples of
young people, in the Bible and modern day history, who did great exploits in
the world for the Kingdom of God. Most young people shy away from stepping out
and doing great things because they feel that they are not ‘mature’ enough to
do them.

In one of Paul’s epistles to
Timothy in the Bible he encourages him not to allow anyone to despise his
youth. Understand that even if you’re younger than some people you can still
set a positive example for them through your conduct. You will learn that
maturity doesn’t come with age but with the acceptance of responsibility.

Teach your children and the young
people you know that they can do great things for the Kingdom of God even in
their youth. It will set them up to do even greater exploits the older they

Are you familiar with any of these books?
Comment below.

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Sija Mafu is an Online Enthusiast and Personal Development Fan. As as a devout Christian, his vision is to see young people take responsibility for their lives and create bright futures for themselves, their families and society at large.

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