100 Ed Cole Quotes for Being a Strong Man in Tough Times

100 Ed Cole Quotes for Being a Strong Man in Tough Times

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The late Ed Cole was a typical man’s man and his organization continues to transform men today. He founded the Christian Men’s Network out of a deep calling placed on his life God.

One of his focal teachings was about breaking free of the five sins that keep men from maximizing their potential. These were the same sins that kept Israel out of the Promised Land and affect men to this day.

He passed away in 2002 but his legacy continues through his son Paul Cole who leads it today. One of his best books ever written was Strong Man in Tough Times which every man could benefit from.

Here are 100 of his best quotes from the book:

  1. “Men without an organized system of thought will always be at the mercy of men who have one.” ~ Ed Cole
  2. “God created men to be leaders and heroes.” ~ Ed Cole
  3. “Fame can come in a moment, but greatness comes with longevity.” ~ Ed Cole
  4. “Perseverance will always outlast persecution.” ~ Ed Cole
  5. “It is more important to pray to be ready for opportunities when they do come than to pray for opportunities.” ~ Ed Cole
  6. “A person’s belief system holds or creates the greatest potential for good or harm in life.” ~ Ed Cole
  7. “The counterfeit trinity is, ‘Me, myself and I.’” ~ Ed Cole
  8. “A man’s companions say much about his character.” ~ Ed Cole
  9. “To make it through tough times a man must have faith in God’s work and faith in others.” ~ Ed Cole
  10. “To eliminate guilt you must eliminate the cause.” ~ Ed Cole
  11. “We can trust the will of God, because God always wills and works toward our highest good.” ~ Ed Cole

  12. “Life is lived on levels and arrived at in stages.” ~ Ed Cole
  13. “Modern church movements have unfortunately been marred in that they tended to omit the Cross and ignore repentance.” ~ Ed Cole
  14. “No cross, no crown.” ~ Ed Cole
  15. “God’s Word is magnified above His Name.” ~ Ed Cole
  16. “To be conformed to the image of Christ, our words must conform to God’s word.” ~ Ed Cole
  17. “If we don’t forgive, even when God has forgiven, we make ourselves greater than God.” ~ Ed Cole
  18. “Forgiveness needs to be given in the same spirit in which it was asked.” ~ Ed Cole
  19. “Lower morality leads to higher mortality.” ~ Ed Cole
  20. “The Lord Jesus brought absolute morality into world.” ~ Ed Cole
  21. “No man becomes immoral in deed without first becoming immoral in thought.” ~ Ed Cole

  22. “There is no seduction without flirtation.” ~ Ed Cole
  23. “Reading the Bible gives knowledge to the intellect, inscribes God’s commandments upon the heart and programs the conscience.” ~ Ed Cole
  24. “Counselors determine the destiny of kings.” ~ Ed Cole
  25. “Weakness ascends when strength abdicates.” ~ Ed Cole
  26. “Even though prayer doesn’t come naturally, men are not excused from learning to pray.” ~ Ed Cole
  27. “You don’t get good then get God, you get God, and He makes you good!” ~ Ed Cole
  28. “A man is to love his family as God loves, which is unconditional, sacrificial and redemptive.” ~ Ed Cole
  29. “Three major provisions of love are identity, security and stability.” ~ Ed Cole
  30. “A wife’s security is primarily in her man.” ~ Ed Cole
  31. “The father’s responsibility is to provide intimacy, discipline, love and value.” ~ Ed Cole
  32. “Social conscience, philanthropy and benevolence have traditionally started in the Church.” ~ Ed Cole
  33. “The greatest act of philanthropy is the willingness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.” ~ Ed Cole

  34. “A man’s inner strength determines if he’ll be able to withstand temptation.” ~ Ed Cole
  35. “We must regain the spirit of manhood in virility and integrity, the power of manhood in productivity and leadership, and the conviction of manhood in resolve and moral excellence.” ~ Ed Cole
  36. “Men today must acquire a taste for truth if they want to maximize their manhood.” ~ Ed Cole
  37. “The greatest of men discipline themselves to practice.” ~ Ed Cole
  38. “The goal of our lives is not to live life to the maximum, but to sustain maximized living.” ~ Ed Cole
  39. “Heroes are men who act in a moment in time on a need greater than they are.” ~ Edwin Cole
  40. “An established, united heart gives strength of mission.” ~ Edwin Cole
  41. “Belief is the basis for conduct, character and destiny.” ~ Edwin Cole
  42. “Faith and fear are both extensions of belief.” ~ Edwin Cole
  43. “Whatever God authors, He will finish.” ~ Edwin Cole
  44. “God tests us in order to prove us. He sets us up for success, not failure.” ~ Edwin Cole
  45. “Hearing from God does not depend on age but on relationship. You’re never too old, and never too young.” ~ Edwin Cole

  46. “When you limit yourself, you limit God; when you limit God, you limit yourself.” ~ Edwin Cole
  47. “One of the most difficult things for many men to believe is that God believes in them! You must see the need to have faith in God because God has faith in you.” ~ Edwin Cole
  48. “Enthusiasm is an emotion. Optimism is an attitude. Faith is a substance.” ~ Edwin Cole
  49. “The character of our children is the leading indicator of our future as a culture.” ~ Edwin Cole
  50. “Our self-discipline as believers is born out of our love for God.” ~ Edwin Cole
  51. “When we’re self-disciplined it’s easy to bring discipline into the home.” ~ Edwin Cole
  52. “It’s easier to blame others as the cause of negative consequences rather than face responsibility for sin.” ~ Edwin Cole
  53. “You can fast from things other than food to cut off your attachment to earthly things.” ~ Edwin Cole
  54. “Fasting and devoting time to the Bible and prayer energizes your spirit, brings your body and soul under subjection and increases the presence of God in your life.” ~ Edwin Cole
  55. “When men find God’s pattern for their lives and base their faith on the principles in His Word, they become successful in all they do. All the principles and promises of the Bible are the keys to the Kingdom.” ~ Edwin Cole
  56. “Without submission to the word of God, behavior can be rationalized to sanction any deed.” ~ Edwin Cole

  57. “The home is the microcosm of the community. That’s why failure to adhere to standards in the home will allow for failure in public life.” ~ Edwin Cole
  58. “Prayerlessness is a form of hiding.” ~ Edwin Cole
  59. “True maturity begins with acceptance of responsibility.” ~ Edwin Cole
  60. “Those who want the crown in heaven without accepting the cross while on earth, who desire salvation by faith without repentance and who yearn for glory without grace are enemies of the Cross.” ~ Edwin Cole
  61. “Success in life is not the aim of the Cross, but the result of it.” ~ Edwin Cole
  62. “There is no resurrection without death, and no death without resurrection.” ~ Edwin Cole
  63. “Softness of life stems from hardness of heart.” ~ Edwin Cole
  64. “To be conformed to the image of Christ, our words must be conformed to God’s Word.” ~ Edwin Cole
  65. “God’s Word is the sole source of faith and the absolute rule of conduct, God’s Word is the expression of His nature. God’s Word is the measure of His character.” ~ Edwin Cole
  66. “Where men don’t hold to a high value of truth, they don’t place a high value on their word.” ~ Edwin Cole
  67. “Trust is always extended to the limit of truth, and no more.” ~ Ed Cole
  68. “Forgiveness opens, unforgiveness closes.” ~ Edwin Cole
  69. “When men experience tough times, the only way they can forgive is by the power of His Holy Spirit.” ~ Edwin Cole

  70. “Forgiveness is an expression of true holiness.” ~ Edwin Cole
  71. “Forgiveness is always by grace. It is never earned.” ~ Edwin Cole
  72. “The glory of God’s type of forgiveness is that when He forgives, He remembers our sins no more.” ~ Edwin Cole
  73. “If we’re to be men of God, then we must understand that readiness to forgive must be an essential part of our character. By forgiveness, you do yourself a service; by unforgiveness, a disservice.” ~ Edwin Cole
  74. “It may be tough to live morally, and tougher to stand up to immorality, but toughest of all is to live with the consequences of immorality.” ~ Edwin Cole
  75. “Man was made a moral creation, to live under a moral government ruled by a moral law and to be God’s moral agent on Earth.” ~ Edwin Cole
  76. “The substance of all true morality is the moral law of love.” ~ Edwin Cole
  77. “Loving what is immoral while professing to be moral agents of God is spiritual adultery.” ~ Edwin Cole
  78. “Moral correspondence is the only communication God knows.” ~ Edwin Cole
  79. “To receive the Spirit of God and use it only to benefit the church is immoral.” ~ Edwin Cole
  80. “It is more important to preach what we practice than practice what we preach.” ~ Edwin Cole

  81. “Good advice is based on human wisdom. Godly counsel is based on the wisdom of God’s Word.” ~ Edwin Cole
  82. “Studious is a characteristic of real manhood.” ~ Edwin Cole
  83. “Obedience to God’s Word is all-important if we desire to see His blessing. Remember that humility precedes blessing.” ~ Edwin Cole
  84. “God’s strategies are the product of His wisdom.” ~ Edwin Cole
  85. “Wisdom produces a strategy that leads to victory, resulting in glory.” ~ Edwin Cole
  86. “The absence of prayer is testimony to your ability; the presence of prayer is testimony to God’s ability.” ~ Edwin Cole
  87. “Prayer is like money and sex. They were made for loving and giving not for lusting and getting.” ~ Edwin Cole
  88. “The secret to life’s success is purpose, planning, preparation and production.” ~ Edwin Cole
  89. “A true sinner’s prayer is marked by godly sorrow that begets repentance and leads to faith.” ~ Edwin Cole
  90. “Submission to the will of God does not guarantee there will be no death, but that after death there will be a resurrection.” ~ Edwin Cole

  91. “Strength in prayer gives moral strength to character.” ~ Edwin Cole
  92. “Private prayer brings boldness in public appearances.” ~ Edwin Cole
  93. “The Word of God is a rock, faith is a substance, and prayer is a platform. They all uphold you.” ~ Edwin Cole
  94. “Alcohol and drugs are an escape to bondage, while prayer is an escape to freedom.” ~ Edwin Cole
  95. “The present is merely preparation for the future.” ~ Edwin Cole
  96. “Men must prepare their children today for the day when they will be called upon to live by their own standards without parental support.” ~ Edwin Cole
  97. “Loss of respect is the underlying cause of most troubled marriages.” ~ Edwin Cole
  98. “What the world cannot control, it will decriminalize and legalize, what the church cannot control, it will rationalize and psychologize. What men cannot control, they will demoralize and compromise.” ~ Edwin Cole
  99. “This world is in transition, crisis and confusion. The people of today need a voice. They need a role model.” ~ Edwin Cole
  100. “The love of the truth is the criterion of true Christianity.” ~ Edwin Cole

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