22 Angus Buchan Quotes that Will Help Grow Your Faith

22 Angus Buchan Quotes that Will Help Grow Your Faith

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Angus Buchan quotes
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Angus Buchan or “Uncle Angus” as he’s affectionately known is a child of God. A farmer by profession and evangelist based in South Africa, his life story is what inspired the movie Faith Like Potatoes.

He grew up with a dream of becoming a preacher but forgot about along the way. That dream was revived when he moved from Zambia to South Africa where he has been ever since.

After rededicating his life and family to Christ he began ministering to his farm workers and his ministry grew. Every year he holds a Mighty Men’s Conference to minister to men, calling them to be men that live according to God’s standards.

Here are 22 of his quotes from his experiences walking with God:

  1. “There is power in prayer. When men work, they work. But when men pray, God works.” ~ Angus Buchan
  2. “Peter Marshall, the great evangelical preacher, once said that we need ‘faith like potatoes’ – plain, simple, real faith that will sustain us in our everyday lives. Whenever I pick up a potato I remember those words. That’s the kind of faith I want. When we have faith and act on it, God will come through for us, no matter what our circumstances. God is King!” ~ Angus Buchan
  3. “If you allow one little sin to creep into your life, and think it doesn’t matter, it will grow and grow until it affects your whole spiritual life, deflecting you from your primary aim of serving God.” ~ Angus Buchan
  4. “We should not rely on our feelings; we had to walk by faith and not by sight. If we persevere in the Lord, we always succeed.” ~ Angus Buchan
  5. “I had a choice: I could believe the lies of the devil, in which case I was on my way to suicide, or I could believe in the promises of God, and be taken through my time of trial.” ~ Angus Buchan
  6. “I believe that family is closer to God’s heart than anything else, the support system he has given us to build us up in faith, and to support us when we falter.” ~ Angus Buchan
  7. “If we want our family lives to conform to God’s will, Jesus must be our priority, our focal point, in our home as well as in our ministries.” ~ Angus Buchan
  8. “We all learned valuable lessons from that crop. The Lord showed us the importance of walking by faith, and not by sight, of trusting him unconditionally and never giving up.” ~ Angus Buchan
  9. “Faith is a day-to-day lifestyle and experience of Jesus Christ. That’s what we are experiencing at Shalom, when we plant in faith – even in the dust – and trust in him for the miracles of his love.” ~ Angus Buchan
  10. “The father is the head of the home; the mother is the heart of the home; the children are the reward, the joy and the life of the home.” ~ Angus Buchan
  11. “The condition for a miracle is difficulty, however the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.” ~ Angus Buchan
  12. “If God is calling you to do something, do it! You can’t run away from God!” ~ Angus Buchan
  13. “When you are thankful in all things, all of a sudden it’s a new day!” ~ Angus Buchan
  14. “We cannot keep the Good News to ourselves any longer! Time is running out!” ~ Angus Buchan
  15. “As long as we deny ourselves and do not touch God’s glory, He will continue to use us for great and mighty exploits.” ~ Angus Buchan
  16. “Man’s love for God enables him to accomplish great feats.” ~ Uncle Angus
  17. “Only when a man receives the love of Christ in his heart, can he be transformed from a nobody into a great warrior for Christ.” ~ Uncle Angus
  18. “God is so real. He is waiting on us to trust His mighty Word.” ~ Uncle Angus
  19. “We need to move our reasoning from our heads to our hearts. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to speak into our hearts, because head knowledge helps no one.” ~ Uncle Angus
  20. “It is the love of Christ in a man’s heart that will change the world.” ~ Uncle Angus
  21. “I love homosexuals but I cannot condone their way of living.” ~ Uncle Angus
  22. “God honors faith. You step out and God meets you.” ~ Uncle Angus

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