23 Flywheel Movie Quotes that Will Inspire Integrity

23 Flywheel Movie Quotes that Will Inspire Integrity

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Flywheel movie quotes
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The movie Flywheel was the first ever produced by the Kendrick Brothers out of Sherwood Baptist Church. It’s main initiative was to evangelize their local community and it brought unexpected success.

The story is about a used car salesman who’s devious in his ways but then begins to honor God. By choosing to be faithful in his ways God begins to transform his whole life and family.

Here are 23 of the best quotes from the movie Flywheel:

  1. “Does it not bother you that you don’t keep your word?” ~ Judy Austin
  2. “Why are you interrogating me? I’m a used car salesman, I sell cars.” ~ Jay Austin
  3. “Jay, your dad cares about you very much. He’s never wanted anything but the best for you.” ~ Judy Austin
  4. “Jay, I’m just saying you need to make time for your son. He looks up to you.” ~ Judy Austin
  5. “Lord, I ask that you treat Jay just like he treated me today in this deal.” ~ Reverend
  6. “I’m all for making money, I just thought you’d cut the Reverend a deal.” ~ Bernie Meyers
  7. “Don’t wag your tongue at me over the Camry. You’ve ripped off more naïve ladies than anyone else in Albany. And stop judging me for something you do yourself.” ~ Jay Austin
  8. “You’re in the shape that you’re in today because of the choices you’ve made.” ~ Pastor

  9. “Bernie, it’s not the profit it’s the way you got it.” ~ Jay Austin
  10. “So when Jay Austin pulls in a few thousand dollars, it’s good business. But when Bernie Meyers does it to help the team out, it’s ripping people off!” ~ Bernie Meyers
  11. “I don’t know what kind of game this is but you’ve got different rules for yourself.” ~ Bernie Meyers
  12. “I cannot remember the last time I felt my life was going right.” ~ Jay Austin
  13. “I’m an old man, Jay. There’s some things I wish I had gotten right decades ago but my pride got in the way. But when I learned to let the Lord run my life, well I’ve got a whole lot better.” ~ Max Kendall
  14. “What’s wrong with me is that I have been living for myself. I have not been the husband I need to be. I have not been the father I need to be. I’ve not been the spiritual leader I need to be.” ~ Jay Austin
  15. “I’m resolving to let Jesus be the Lord of my life, every day.” ~ Jay Austin
  16. “You treat people right, it will come back to you.” ~ Jay Austin

  17. “Well, I gave this lot to the Lord. I guess He can do whatever he wants with it.” ~ Jay Austin
  18. “Don’t you quit yet. Let’s see what the Lord does.” ~ Max Kendall
  19. “The desire of my heart would be to finish well. If I have to change jobs I’d want to do it in a more honorable way instead of getting kicked out because I couldn’t pay my debts.” ~ Jay Austin
  20. “Jay, I wanna ask you something. God’s blessed you because of your faithfulness and obedience in the last couple of months but what about all the customers before that?” ~ Judy Austin
  21. “It’s not about you escaping this comfort, Jay. It’s about honoring God with what He’s blessed you with.” ~ Judy Austin
  22. “So I’m supposed to give a 100% of our profit away while admitting that I’m a scum?” ~ Jay Austin
  23. “Jay, if God keeps blessing you that money will be replaced in a matter of days.” ~ Judy Austin

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