26 iSpeak to the Earth Book Quotes by Francis Myles

26 iSpeak to the Earth Book Quotes by Francis Myles

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Dr. Francis Myles is an Apostle and minister of the Word of God. He is of Zambian origin but is based in Arizona, USA where he leads his church. He is also an international speaker with an anointing to break bondage over people’s lives.

He’s the author of many books including one of his best called, The Order of Melchizedek. That particular book speaks about the tithe and its significance in the life of a believer.

Another of his best books is iSpeak to the Earth, which is about understanding how it’s meant to bless us. It’s based on a personal experience he had when he nearly lost his life but got some powerful revelation.

Here are 26 stand out quotes you will find in the book:

  1. “The greatest discovery in life is the discovery of purpose. The genesis of God’s purpose for creating the human race can be found in the first two chapters of Genesis.” ~ Francis Myles
  2. “When Adam and Eve fell from dominion by violating a direct instruction from God, all of creation, including the Earth itself, fell with them.” ~ Francis Myles
  3. “God retains full ownership rights of the planet Earth primarily because He created it from nothing.” ~ Francis Myles
  4. “The Holy Spirit said to me, ‘Francis, the belief that there exists lack, any kind of lack, on planet Earth is the greatest lie from the enemy that my people have ever believed!’” ~ Francis Myles
  5. “The Earth is not suffering from lack but from the absence of men and women of revelation.” ~ Francis Myles
  6. “God blessed the Earth with everything needed to sustain life.” ~ Francis Myles
  7. “Greed always creates a culture of hoarding in the hearts of men.” ~ Francis Myles
  8. “Instead of distributing the blessings of wealth and prosperity a person has been given by God, people start hoarding everything for themselves.” ~ Francis Myles
  9. “The moment we begin to believe the lie that God did not make enough provision for all of us from before the foundation of the world, we open ourselves to a hoarding mentality.” ~ Francis Myles
  10. “Speaking to the Earth, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, can also drastically change your world.” ~ Francis Myles

  11. “I sincerely believe that one of the most powerful phenomena on Earth is the power of the spoken word.” ~ Francis Myles
  12. “Speaking to the Earth is a very common practice among members of the New Age. But it dawned on me that Satan is not an originator; he only comes to steal, kill and destroy.” ~ Francis Myles
  13. “When it comes to the technology of speaking to the Earth, citizens of the Kingdom of God must place a ‘demand’ on the release of their spiritual inheritance.” ~ Francis Myles
  14. “Somehow the Earth seems to know that the key to living up to its highest God given potential is to bring itself under subjection to the rulership of the manifest sons of God.” ~ Francis Myles
  15. “Once God establishes a biblical principle and precedence, He never violates it.” ~ Francis_Myles
  16. “The Earth is the first witness in the dishing out of divine blessings or judgment.” ~ Francis_Myles
  17. “Repentance is one of the most spiritual technologies for effecting spiritual recovery.” ~ Francis_Myles
  18. “Whenever innocent blood is shed on Earth and mixes with the ground, a curse is released.” ~ Francis_Myles

  19. “Who knows the Earth best, God or man?” ~ Francis_Myles
  20. “’Woman’ is an interesting word. It means a man with a womb or the womb man.” ~ Francis_Myles
  21. “There is a direct correlation between the spiritual world and the spiritual condition of the land.” ~ Francis_Myles
  22. “Prayer is the inescapable reality of living in the Kingdom of God.” ~ Francis_Myles
  23. “Sin is what brings a reproach on any nation and until it is forgiven, the land can never experience real revival.” ~ Francis_Myles
  24. “God never initiates the healing process until man takes responsibility for what he or she has done.” ~ Francis_Myles
  25. “In creating a new heaven and a new Earth, God is showing us the importance of the planet we live on.” ~ Francis_Myles
  26. “Without a doubt, it was never God’s intention for the Earth to bring forth thorns and thistles.” ~ Francis_Myles

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