27 Memorable Woodlawn Movie Quotes to Inspire Revival

27 Memorable Woodlawn Movie Quotes to Inspire Revival

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The story of football superstar Tony Nathan was what inspired the movie called Woodlawn. It’s setting was during the time of the Jesus Revolution of the 1970s that transformed an entire state.

The story of what triggered that spiritual revival can be traced back to events that took place in Woodlawn High. What inspires me the most is that one person made a difference that overcame racial discrimination in Alabama State.

Here are 27 memorable quotes from the movie Woodlawn:

  1. “If wanting to win is a fault then I plead guilty, I like to win. I know no other way. It’s in my blood.” ~ Bear Bryant
  2. “When I get beat, it’s gonna happen occasionally, I like to get beat by an opponent worthy of my respect.” ~ Bear Bryant
  3. “Winning fixes just about everything, doesn’t it?” ~ Tandy Gerelds
  4. “I’m asking you to choose Jesus. Can you do that? Will you do that? With me, right now!” ~ Hank Erwin
  5. “Why don’t you go out there and show me what you all believe! Let’s go and do it!” ~ Tandy Gerelds
  6. “Maybe God is testing us. He wants to know that our commitment is real; not just to win football games.” ~ Hank Erwin
  7. “I think that sometimes before you can have new dreams in this life the old ones have to be taken away from you.” ~ Hank Erwin
  8. “There’s something special about you, Tony. I can see it. You have a gift, that’s something that can’t be taught. It can only be given.” ~ Hank Erwin
  9. “When you play for yourself you can be great. But when you play for something higher than yourself, that’s when something extraordinary can happen.” ~ Hank Erwin

  10. “God has a purpose for all of us and it is not insignificant and obviously I can’t know what yours is. But I think God wants you to be a superstar.” ~ Hank Erwin
  11. “This is my team, it’s not a democracy! Now go sit down!” ~ Tandy Gerelds
  12. “Nathan, you know what I believe. You are faster than them now you show me.” ~ Tandy Gerelds
  13. “Look around you, we’re not alone. This is what happens when God shows up.” ~ Hank Erwin
  14. “You want to know how I know that you’re going to win this game. Because it’s not about you.” ~ Hank Erwin
  15. “Coach, I don’t know what your players are playing with. But I’ve never seen a team playing like that. Good luck for the rest of the season.” ~ Vikings Coach
  16. “I told God that I don’t know if you’re real. But I want whatever my players have.” ~ Tandy Gerelds
  17. “I came here today because I believe. I believe and I want to be baptized.” ~ Tandy Gerelds
  18. “Here’s the question: if you only love those that love you back, what kind of love is that?” ~ Preacher
  19. “My momma wanted me to be a preacher but I told her coaching and preaching is pretty much the same thing. We both serve something greater than ourselves.” ~ Bear Bryant
  20. “Some kind of great power has been given to you, son. I can see it in them kids’ faces, I know what they’re thinking: ‘black star like you at a white high school. If he can do it, so can I.’ that is your gift.” ~ Junior Nathan

  21. “The good book says, ‘where there is no vision the people perish.’ That means people can’t live without hope. They need it like they need air. I say, go give it to ’em.” ~ Tony’s father
  22. “We found something at Woodlawn, something bigger than this rivalry.” ~ Hank Erwin
  23. “Rings collect dust, but that right there; that lasts forever.” ~ Shorty White
  24. “You know the difference between you and these people? They are cowards, and you ain’t.” ~ Bear Bryant
  25. “Look at me. I’m proud of you. Win or lose, you’re my son.” ~ Tony’s father
  26. “Now, this is your moment. This is your time. You go and take it. You go and take it!” ~ Tandy Gerelds
  27. “I don’t know what kind of insurance salesman you are. You were born to be a coach; one of the best I’ve ever had. Someone once told me we all have a purpose. Maybe it’s time you started living yours again.” ~ Tony Nathan

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