3 Online Learning Platforms That Will Boost Your Career

3 Online Learning Platforms That Will Boost Your Career

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online learning platforms to boost your career
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Online learning has become popular in recent years. For some working professionals the traditional form of education is not favorable due to busy schedules and personal commitments.

The typical working professional spends the whole day at work, sometimes finishing late and then coming back home to their family.

Throw in the fact that some educational programs require students in class either after working hours or over an entire weekend and it leaves no room for one to have a life.

This lifestyle poses a challenge because people are busy with a lot of things from their careers to taking care of their families and everything else in between.

Some studies that have been done indicate an increase in the uptake of online courses and degree programs. The major reason is due to the flexibility that this type of education provides busy working professionals.

They help people study their
programs without major interruptions to their careers and personal lives. While
they might not work for everyone they are an alternative option for achieving
the same results as other people who learn in the more traditional way.

In this post we shall review three
popular online learning platforms that you can consider to acquire essential
skills that will help your career development:

1. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot is an organization based in
Cambridge, Massachusetts and founded in the year 2006. HubSpot has a wide range
of FREE courses that will teach you practical skills to enhance your career
development. As an organization their focus is helping all kinds of businesses
to grow their brands in a cost effective way. This is accomplished through the
development and marketing of software products for inbound marketing and sales.

They keep up with the latest trends
and update their course content regularly to stay relevant. Each course takes
you through questions to reflect on what you have learned and downloadable
resources for further reading.

The courses are facilitated by
employees of the organization who share exactly what they do in the
organization to achieve their goals. What better way to learn than from people
who have been where you want to go?

Some of the popular courses include
Inbound Marketing, Video Production, Content Marketing, YouTube Marketing and
more. If you’re looking to take advantage of the online space and establish a
presence this platform is a great place to start.

The quality of education you will
get here could easily come at a premium but it’s available to you absolutely
free. One of the courses that helped me a great deal was the Inbound Marketing
course that taught me a new way of marketing and attracting the right kind of
prospects to my blog. The focus of this particular course is to set you up to attract
ideal buyers to you instead of chasing after them.

It’s a different mindset to the
traditional form of marketing that isn’t customer-centric and that many
organizations still use though not effective. Be sure to check out their
courses on the HubSpot website to find out more.

2. GetSmarter

GetSmarter is an online platform
that works in conjunction with the University of Cape Town in South Africa and
other internationally recognized institutions. It’s a collaboration between the
University and industry experts in various fields including digital marketing,
starting a business, accounting, business management, project management,
property development, etc.

The courses have different time
frames and they are structured in such a way that you can commit just one hour
a day. The course format includes video tutorials and notes from your
instructor. At the end of each week you get an assignment for each topic
covered with your instructor.

Another great feature is the
discussion platform where you can share ideas and collaborate with other
students in your class. The required investment varies for each course and it’s
worth it. The course I did through this platform was the Digital Marketing
course which was practical and helpful in developing the skills I was looking

Upon course completion you get a certificate
awarded by the University of Cape Town which can add weight to your job
applications for relevant roles. The University of Cape Town is a
well-recognized institution around the world. Check out the courses Getsmarter
has to offer.

3. Udemy

Udemy is another great platform for
learning a vast array of skills for professional and personal development. It
is the world’s biggest online learning platform that is aimed at professional
adults and students. Some of the most popular courses are design, business, IT
and software and application development. I have come across courses related to
make up and cosmetics for those that are interested in that field.

I did a course about making passive
income through Google AdSense which was very helpful. I learned some insights I
didn’t have before. The course fees are pretty reasonable and they often have
course discounts as much as 90% at times. That’s how I managed to subscribe for
the course I did and it was a huge bargain.

The course format includes videos
and sometimes downloadable resources from the instructor. Students can share
their reviews and comments to which the course instructor can respond to. You
can also learn at your own pace especially if you have a tight schedule.

Going through the course reviews helps
you to make a decision to choose a course that will help you the most learn the
skills you need. Upon course completion you can download the course certificate
if required. On the other hand you can also create your own courses and sell
them on the platform to make an extra income. Explore the wide range of courses
by visiting their website.


Online education is only a choice if it works for you but more and more people are shifting towards it in this fast paced world of technology. The list above is just a starting point for some of the online learning platforms available to you today.

Are there any other great online learning platforms that you know you about? Comment below.

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