3 Reasons Why the Kendrick Brothers Are Successful

3 Reasons Why the Kendrick Brothers Are Successful

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Alex and Stephen Kendrick are the founders of the Christian film making company, Kendrick Brothers based in the United States. From very humble beginnings they have gone from strength producing movies that have touched millions of lives around the world with the gospel.

Their ministry began with their local church, Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia, USA and it’s amazing what the Lord has done to transform people’s lives in many different aspects. Every one of their movies carries a message that is very applicable to everyday life. Their movies to date are:

Flywheel, whose message points out the importance of integrity in every aspect of our lives. Alex Kendrick himself plays the lead role in this movie and it’s very inspiring.

Facing the Giants is about facing fear with faith. Fear is one of Satan’s weapons to paralyze believers to keep them from fulfilling their God-given destinies. This was the first of their movies that I watched and learned practical ways of overcoming fear.

Fireproof focusses on the institution of marriage. It embodies the struggles most couples face today but also how they can be established on a godly foundation.

Courageous is about fatherhood. It points out the challenges emanating from a lack of fatherhood and what God expects of men in society today.

War Room is about the power of prayer and the impact that it can have on your life when you choose to seek the Lord diligently, with all your heart.

The testimonies that have come from people that have seen these movies is truly amazing. They are really having a positive impact on the world for the glory of God.

Here are 3 reasons that enable them to go from glory to glory in the Lord:


1. Everything they do begins with prayer

There’s very few people I know that are so committed to prayer as these brothers. By their own admission they don’t just create movies that they think would be a good idea but they take their time to listen to what the Lord would have them do.

I met Stephen Kendrick when he came to minister in Zimbabwe and I was impressed as he explained how they pray for every scene on set and what they are to do. How seriously do you take your prayer life? Their movie, War Room, encapsulates the essence of prayer and the impact it can have on your life.

2. Walking in uprightness

I have come to the realization that God is not just interested in what you do for Him. He is more concerned about the condition of your heart than anything else. This is why in the Bible each time God would require people to consecrate themselves before He could use them for His purposes.

While no one is a perfect human being Alex and Stephen strive to become more like Christ so that they become pleasing to God. The late Edwin Cole would say, “God’s power in our life is released to the degree of our obedience to His word and no more.

In whatever you are doing in life being in right standing with God is vitally important for you.

3. Agreement with fellow believers

Where there is agreement there is power. Some of the problems besetting us today could be dealt with by united believers. This can be seen with the movies Courageous and War Room where they partnered with other churches in the movie production.

God loves to see unity among His children and this is a principle that they understand very well. They realize that some things like worship styles are secondary issues and they choose to focus on the main thing.


What other success attributes can you add to theses ones? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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