32 Critical Edwin Louis Cole Quotes on Sexual Integrity

32 Critical Edwin Louis Cole Quotes on Sexual Integrity

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Sexual Integrity by Ed Cole was written to give a Biblical view about sex and its sacredness in God’s sight. During his time he realized that sexual immorality was one of the hindrances to men living to their maximized potential.

The message is true today as it was back then and worth revisiting on a regular basis. The world sees sex as normal outside of marriage but God holds it in high regard. Sexual integrity is something to be valued rather than disdained.

Here are 32 quotes from the book Sexual Integrity to think about:

  1. “Today sex is treated as an object of humor and virginity is regarded by some as worthless and unwanted.” ~ Ed Cole
  2. “We have to understand why God created sex as He did if we are to enjoy His creation completely.” ~ Ed Cole
  3. “In a day when children are having babies and young people are having sex at earlier and earlier ages, the special, holy, sacred understanding of sex must be taught and imprinted on our minds.” ~ Ed Cole
  4. “Everything God created is good- including sex. Man ruins and spoils God’s creation by his sinful, selfish nature.” ~ Ed Cole
  5. “Women can become deceived by a sweet-talking man even when his actions don’t measure up to his words. In the same way, men can become deceived by a beautiful woman, even when they know she is lying to them.” ~ Ed Cole
  6. “Men and women were created to bring different purposes and roles to life, especially into a marriage relationship.” ~ Ed Cole
  7. “When a man and a woman marry, God says that, in their marriage, the two become one. They are united as ‘one flesh’.” ~ Ed Cole
  8. “The qualities that God placed in the woman are those things we now consider to be the woman’s feminine nature.” ~ Ed Cole
  9. “The church is rarely identified as the place to learn the truth about sex. Thank God this is now changing.” ~ Ed Cole
  10. “A study showed that young people who were exposed to large doses of programming with sexually immoral activity were affected in their basic values.” ~ Ed Cole

  11. “According to the Bible, sex is more than a pleasurable act or erotic experience. Sex is the sign of the blood covenant of marriage.” ~ Ed Cole
  12. “Sex between a man and a woman is the external evidence of the covenant they have already entered into with each other in their hearts.” ~ Ed Cole
  13. “Love desires to benefit others at the expense of self. Lust desires to benefit self at the expense of others.” ~ Ed Cole
  14. “The consequence of going the way of the world, the way of lust, is broken trust, perhaps an unwanted pregnancy and maybe some disease.” ~ Ed Cole
  15. “Abortion can cause physical damage as well as emotional and psychological damage that may never heal. If it does heal, it may take years.” ~ Ed Cole
  16. “God made a rule for Israel in the Old Testament. If a man took a woman’s virginity, he had to take care of her for life. If a woman gave up her virginity outside of marriage, she was to be killed.” ~ Ed Cole
  17. “Because seducing spirits are so real, ask God to help you become aware of the spiritual influences which surround you in your daily life and routine.” ~ Ed Cole
  18. “Pornography, whether in a magazine, on TV or on a computer screen, is specifically designed to help you entertain lustful thoughts. The more you entertain those thoughts, the less control you have over them.” ~ Ed Cole
  19. “Masturbation promises to please your lusts and serve your desires without consequences, but it only desires to enslave and dominate you eventually.” ~ Ed Cole

  20. “The greatest intimacy a man and woman will ever know in their relationship will come out of times of prayer together.” ~ Ed Cole
  21. “Negative sexual experiences don’t just fade away. Unless they are dealt with, they sink deep within a person and cause all kinds of problems.” ~ Ed Cole
  22. “Those whose virginity was forcibly taken from them, who have been raped, molested, forced into incest or were in some other way hurt by someone else- they all suffer because of someone else’s sins.” ~ Ed Cole
  23. “Sons and daughters who do not forgive the sins of their fathers and mothers retain them and make the same mistakes with their children.” ~ Ed Cole
  24. “You need to reject all that came with the sins you forgive.” ~ Ed Cole
  25. “Being a virgin doesn’t make you an ‘oddball’ or a ‘weirdo’!” ~ Ed Cole
  26. “Being a virgin makes you the person God created you to be so that you can have a holy covenant relationship with the person He brings to you.” ~ Ed Cole
  27. “Virginity is something to rejoice about, not something to grumble about or for which to feel inferior. Virginity is a glory!” ~ Ed Cole
  28. “Even though you physical virginity may never be regained, the spirit and glory of virginity can be restored to you.” ~ Ed Cole
  29. “Being alone is sometimes necessary, healthy, desirable and appreciated. Loneliness never is.” ~ Ed Cole
  30. “Whatever you give into in life grows stronger, while what you resist grows weaker.” ~ Ed Cole
  31. “Success is based on the ability to say ‘No.’” ~ Ed Cole
  32. “People who overcome the fear of man are spiritual achievers.” ~ Ed Cole

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