8 Fireproof Movie Quotes that Will Help Your Marriage

8 Fireproof Movie Quotes that Will Help Your Marriage

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The movie Fireproof starring Kirk Cameron as the lead actor brings to mind some special quotes to think about. It was directed by Alex Kendrick and focuses on the theme of Biblical marriage in this corrupted world.

Marriage is a God-ordained institution and very close to His heart. The movie paints a picture of what it looks from God’s perspective. This Sherwood Pictures movie will give you a good foundation for marriage.

Here are 8 Fireproof movie quotes to think about for marriage:

1. “You never leave your partner, especially in a fire.” ~ Caleb Holt

Of all the types of relationships on earth, marriage is the most challenging and also the most rewarding. It’s easy to live an isolated life within a marriage context, so be careful not to fall into that trap. Because a man and woman are joined in a covenant when they marry, they should have unity of purpose.

In the movie, Caleb learned this lesson the hard way and it transformed his relationship with Catherine. Whether or not you’re married, it’s a worthwhile lesson to remember.

2. “But just remember, a woman’s like a rose. If you treat her right, she’ll bloom. If you don’t, she’ll wilt.” ~ Michael Simmons

Women need to be treated right and feel loved for them to flourish, and for most men it’s a challenge. On top of that women are pretty complex and makes it difficult for men to understand them at times. With the help of the Holy Spirit, that assignment is a lot easier and more fulfilling.

Treat a woman badly and there will hardly be any peace in the home as a result. It takes intentional effort to make it work because it’s not always easy, more so when you don’t feel like it.

3. “A real man’s gotta be a hero to his wife before anybody, or he ain’t a real man.” ~ Deidra Harris

Caleb and his wife co-existed and didn’t have a real relationship for a long time. Both were more engrossed in their work than their relationship, especially Caleb. His priorities were more inclined towards doing his job well than his wife’s wellbeing.

This happens in many marriages, and admittedly, men have that tendency of prioritizing other things above their marriages. Besides God, a man’s devotion must be greater for his wife than anything else. In the busyness of life, it’s easy to lose sight of that but must be kept in mind nonetheless.

4. “Fireproof doesn’t mean that a fire will never come but that when it comes, you’ll be able to withstand it.” ~ Michael Simmons

Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life, married couples included. Sometimes there’s a misconception among young and single people about married life. They see couples they admire doing well and assume that their lives are smooth sailing. The truth is that no marriages are immune from struggles no matter how progressive they are.

The key thing is that they respond positively to challenges, and stick with each other through it all. More importantly, if God is at the center of your marriage, overcoming challenges is a lot easier with Him. When you navigate through the challenges successfully, you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

5. “Whatever you put your time, energy and money into will become more important to you. It’s hard to care for something you’re not investing in.” ~ Caleb’s father

If your marriage is going to thrive, you need to be intentional about investing effort, time and resources. The things that you invest tend to grab your attention more than the things you don’t.

Your spouse must be the most important priority in your life, hence your greatest personal investment. When that’s not the case, your marriage will gradually deteriorate without you even realizing it.

Men tend to be the biggest culprits when they focus more on their careers instead of their marriage relationships. They will be pursuing their careers to better provide for their wives but forget that their presence is more important. After God, keep your spouse as the main focus of your life.

6. “How am I supposed to show love to somebody over and over and over who constantly rejects me?” ~ Caleb Holt

Caleb at this point is fed up with his dysfunctional marriage and is prepared to give it all up. That’s a pertinent question to all of us, especially when it comes to marriage. The truth is we can’t love the way God loves unless He abides in us. You can try in your own strength, as Caleb did, but you’ll get frustrated real quick.

Caleb himself had rejected God in his own life and didn’t fully understand His love. Only after giving His life to God did he understand how he could love his wife unconditionally.

7. “And don’t just follow your heart, man, because your heart can be deceived. But you gotta lead your heart.” ~ Michael Simmons

Part of the worldly deceit that gets a lot of people off track is the idea of following your heart; the Bible tells us that it is deceitful, after all. This is not to say that all the desires of your heart are wrong. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

The key thing is that the desires must align with God’s desires so they must be tested against His word. Whatever desires you have, submit to the Lord and seek His guidance on what to do with them.

8. “Something has changed in you, Caleb. And I want what happened to you to happen to me.” ~ Catherine Holt

Catherine had seen the transformation that had happened in Caleb’s life and wanted a piece of it. Caleb’s acts of genuine love for Catherine moved her in a powerful way, and ultimately restored their broken marriage. That’s the kind of marriage worth fighting for.

Your actions will speak louder than your words, therefore you must put more effort into demonstrating your love. It’s not good to love other people more than your spouse; they, more than anyone, should know they are your first priority by the way you demonstrate love.

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