35 Kirk Cameron Quotes to Inspire Passion for the Kingdom of God

35 Kirk Cameron Quotes to Inspire Passion for the Kingdom of God

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Kirk Cameron is a professional American actor whom you might know from the TV sitcom Growing Pains in the 90s. One of his other popular films was the Left Behind series of movies in the early 2000s.

He’s a former atheist who then came to know Christ. His career took a downturn for some time but was revived later on. What probably kick started the revival was his appearance in the movie Fireproof in 2008 as the lead actor.

Kirk is now a strong believer in Christ and passionate about sharing his faith with other people.

Here are 35 nuggets of wisdom you can glean from his life:

  1. “God is a God who has not given up on His people. If He wanted to give up, He would have given up back in the Garden of Eden.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  2. “Faith in God… produces character; character will produce courage, courage to face the challenges of the day.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  3. “I’m a man of convictions. If you press me about how I feel about an issue, you’re going to see my convictions.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  4. “I can assuredly say that it’s my life’s mission to love all people.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  5. “I came all this way for a reason. Today is the day of salvation. Trust Jesus to save you. Then be sincere as God knows a pretender.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  6. “God speaks with authority on every subject including marriage and His advice trumps Oprah’s every time.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  7. “If you had the cure to cancer wouldn’t you share it? You have the cure to death. Get out there and share it.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  8. “All things are possible to those who believe, less difficult to those who hope, more easy to those who love, and still easier to those who persevere in the practice of these three virtues.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  9. “Put your nose into the Bible every day. It is your spiritual food. And then share it. Make a vow not to be a lukewarm Christian.” ~ Kirk Cameron

  10. “I’m not perfect in my walk but I want to do the right thing.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  11. “I was being foolish. An atheist can’t stand behind their assertion that God doesn’t exist. The stupidest thing I ever could have done was to reject His Truth.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  12. “What if marriage is really about making us more like Christ, not so much about making us happy?” ~ Kirk Cameron
  13. “The church as a whole has strayed quite far from biblical evangelism; that is, sharing the Gospel in the way that Jesus did, the way the Apostle Paul did, and the rest of the disciples and prophets in Scripture.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  14. “Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  15. “There is nothing more important than your eternal salvation.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  16. “I believe the Scriptures teach that there’s a literal heaven and a literal hell, just like Jesus said. And without forgiveness of sins that, yeah, the place of punishment is called hell.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  17. “The true Christian loves his Savior with his whole heart and wants nothing to do with the sin that nailed his Redeemer to the cross.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  18. “If you take Darwin’s theory and extend it to its logical end, it can be used to justify a number of very horrendous things.” ~ Kirk Cameron

  19. “We know that God disciplines His children, and that testing, suffering, and persecution come to us from Heaven to stretch, grow, and mature us into the men and women God intends to make us. If we keep this in mind when hard times fall, it can be a real source of joy in the fire.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  20. “Jesus did not get stuck in intellectual arguments with people. He did not go for the intellect, He went for the conscience. He spoke to that part of the person that knows the difference between right and wrong instinctively.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  21. “The biblical method of change begins in the heart of man with the Gospel. It transforms the mind of man and gradually works its way out. And it builds a nation from the bottom up.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  22. “I don’t think that growing up in the entertainment industry is the healthiest place for kids. The track record kind of shows that.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  23. “Why do people hate God? One, they hate the moral standard. Two, they hate the way he’s transforming the world even in the midst of suffering and tragedy.” ~ Kirk Cameron
  24. “It does grieve me to think there are people misunderstanding my heart on an issue.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  25. “Every candle that gets lit in the dark room must feel a little rejection from the darkness around it, but the last thing I want from those who hold a different world view to me is to accept me.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  26. “I think God is perfect, all-powerful and has an unstoppable plan for everyone, including those who love him and those who don’t.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron

  27. “I was experiencing all the success the entertainment industry has to offer, but I knew there had to be something more. It was sort of through that God prepared me to hear about His great plan.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  28. “The Hollywood lifestyle was just overwhelming. A party here, an interview there, magazine and modeling shoots daily, your face everywhere and girls throwing themselves at you. As great as it felt at the time, I still felt something missing, and that I needed to change.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  29. “I have faith in God and not that we have evolved from a rock, not from worshiping the environment or endangered bugs.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  30. “Atheism has been on the rise for years now, and the Bible of the atheists is The Origin of Species.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  31. “People want to be liked by other people so they adopt other people’s standards, but for me, my standard had always been true.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  32. “If my kids came to me and said, ‘I’m gay,’ I’d say, ‘Son, I love you.’ That’s never at stake. Never, never, never at stake.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  33. “To really understand what love is, you’ve kinda got to dig down deeper than just how you feel at the moment.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  34. “You either believe marriage and human sexuality are sacred, or you do not.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron
  35. “My kids haven’t watched one episode of ‘Growing Pains’. I’ll tell you why. When our kids were little, we never wanted Mommy or Daddy to be the celebrity mom or dad to our kids.” ~ Kirk T. Cameron

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