9 Motivational Facing the Giants Quotes to Grow Your Faith

9 Motivational Facing the Giants Quotes to Grow Your Faith

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Facing the Giants is a Sherwood Pictures production of 2006 based on overcoming fear with faith. It was directed by Alex Kendrick and was quite a hit at the box office for a low budget film.

It tells the story of a struggling football coach who’s facing giants in many forms. He gets to a point where fear paralyzes him but presses on in the Lord and sees a turnaround. Facing the Giants is a faith-based and family friendly that’s worth watching if you haven’t already.

Here are 9 quotes from Facing the Giants that will motivate you:

1. “Your attitude’s like the aroma of your heart. If your attitude stinks, it means your heart’s not right.” ~ Grant Taylor

Nothing affects you as an individual or a group of people more than the prevailing attitude. That’s why someone less talented can perform better than others more qualified by having the right attitude.

Besides talent, top leaders value a person’s attitude more than anything else. They realize that one bad apple, no matter how talented, can spoil the whole bunch.

First of all, cultivate a positive attitude in your own life before you can encourage others to do the same. With a positive outlook, your mind sees solutions to problems much easier than when you have negative energy.

2. “We weren’t supposed to have a winning season, but we do. We weren’t supposed to advance through the play-offs, but we did. We’re not supposed to be here, but we are.” ~ Grant Taylor

After getting through a tumultuous start to the season, Grant and his team found themselves on the big stage. They came up against the best football team in the state to contest for the state championship. At different points of your life, I bet you’ve been in similar positions and were amazed to be where you were.

It speaks of the faithfulness of God in many cases, especially when other people have written you off. Because God loves you, He will make the seemingly impossible possible in your life so He can be glorified.

3. “If God never gives you children, will you still love Him?” ~ Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor and his wife had tried several times for a child to no avail, and it became frustrating. His wife, Brooke, got to a point of desperation by making constant visits to the hospital for pregnancy tests. Grant challenged her at this point about her love for God even if she was to never bear children.

Similarly, we’re all prone to idolizing things at the expense of loving God. What happens as a result is that our love for God then becomes based on what He can do for us. So, will you still love God if He never gave you your deepest desires?

4. “God will send the rain when He’s ready. You need to prepare your field to receive it.” ~ Mr. Bridges

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The expression of your faith is evidenced by your works and not just by praying or making declarations. A person with strong faith takes action even when the prevailing situation suggestions doom and gloom.

Whatever God requires of you to do, just do it with the resources you have because it pleases God. Without faith, it says to God that you don’t trust that He will deliver you on His promise.

So, in whatever you do, make the decision to prepare for God’s blessing by playing your part.

5. “Winning football games is too small a thing to live for. And I love football as much as anybody. But even championship trophies will one day collect dust and be forgotten.” ~ Grant Taylor

In the beginning, Grant Taylor was so obsessed with winning he couldn’t find peace otherwise. It’s typical of how we can be consumed by the pursuit of worldly success and lose our peace.

After coming to a realization that winning wasn’t the main purpose of life, he approached his team differently. Worldly success is temporary and has no lasting value in eternity; it shouldn’t therefore consume you and take away your peace of mind.

Realize what’s most important in your life to avoid going down the same rabbit hole and becoming miserable.

6. “Your actions will always follow your beliefs, David. If you accept defeat, David, then that’s what you’ll get.” ~ Larry Childers

Whether or not you believe you can do something, either way you’re right. David, for the most part, doubted his ability to score field goals. His coaches and his dad all emphasized to him that he had to learn to believe to succeed. Even if you have the capacity, you’ll fail to achieve your goals if you don’t think you’re capable.

The Word of God says you’re able to do all things through Christ who gives you the strength. It’s therefore not your ability but Christ’s; you just need to be a willing vessel to be used by Him.

7. “As I stand here, I believe that as long as we honor God, nothing is impossible. Nothing.” ~ Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor and his team were the underdogs for the most part whom no one expected to achieve much. It was even considered a miracle that they made it to the football playoffs.

They came up against a team that fielded ineligible players and lost to them. God would spring up a surprise when their opponents were disqualified for fielding those players.

Doing what’s right even if it looks hopeless is honorable and God honors those that honor Him. He loves to show off through His children.

8. “I’ve resolved to give God everything I’ve got. Then I’ll leave the results up to Him. I wanna know if you’ll join me.” ~ Grant Taylor

Grant made a resolution to change his approach, not just to football but his entire life; this was more of a rallying cry to get his team to follow his example. He spoke from a place of conviction and that was the only way he could get their attention.

Grant followed that up by leading by example. If you’re going to inspire other people to follow you, it must show that you’re serious and committed.

People can sense whether or not you’re genuine about what you propose to them. A sense of conviction is what gets people to buy in to you.

9. “Whether you make this field goal or not, we’re gonna praise Him. But don’t you walk off this field having done any less than your best.” ~ Grant Taylor

The real measure of success is not just about winning, it’s doing what God created you for. Even if you lose or fail in your endeavor, knowing that you gave it your best is success.

While winning is desirable, it’s not the only measure of success. Working in a way that glorifies God is the true measure whether you win or lose.

This is what coach Taylor had to make David understand and to not focus too much on winning or losing. Ultimately they won the state championship, but more importantly, he learned a great lesson.

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