37 Funny and Insightful Michael Jr Quotes about Life

37 Funny and Insightful Michael Jr Quotes about Life

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Michael Jr. is a popular Christian comedian based in the United States. If you’re looking for clean but nonetheless comedy this is your guy. He’s also had a stint in acting in the number one Kendrick Brothers movie War Room.

You may want to check out his podcast Off the Cuff to have a good laugh and learn some important things.

Here are 37 of some his funny and insightful life quotes:

  1. “You just have to be willing to take your eyes off of yourself and look at the people around you to find that opportunity to serve.” ~ Michael Jr.
  2. “Sometimes it’s the simple things that help make a relationship stick. Like Elmer’s glue.” ~ Michael Jr.
  3. “Is it ok to regift a gift card as long as there’s still a little something on it?” ~ Michael Jr.
  4. “You don’t know your potential, so you have to be uncomfortable to grow your potential.” ~ Michael Jr.
  5. “If I make five billion people laugh in my lifetime and that’s all, I would have failed.” ~ Michael Jr.
  6. “Sometimes you have to jump in, even if you don’t fit in, just to get in.” ~ Michael Jr.
  7. “If you’re attracted to someone of a different ethnicity, are you having mixed feelings?” ~ Michael Jr.
  8. “If the baby comes out with an afro, is that natural child birth?” ~ Michael Jr.
  9. “You’re going to leave something behind. You may as well make sure it’s something good.” ~ Michael Jr.
  10. “Do vegetarians really love animals as much as I do?” ~ Michael Jr.
  11. “They say 85% of people admit they are not good at math. I’m part of the other 22%.” ~ Michael Jr.

  12. “Can I call a white duck a quacker?” ~ Michael Jr.
  13. “Why are there no mirrors in the self-checkout?” ~ Michael Jr.
  14. “If you don’t understand your purpose you will think you are an accident. If you think you’re an accident, you don’t understand your purpose.” ~ Michael Jr.
  15. “I think congressmen should wear body cameras. We pay their salary, we should be able to see their work.” ~ Michael Jr.
  16. “If we only use 10% of our brain, how do we really know if we’re only using 10% of our brain?” ~ Michael Jr.
  17. “When someone says you’re unbelievable, aren’t they calling you a liar?” ~ Michael Jr.
  18. “I don’t understand why people say hurtful things like, ‘Wanna go for a run?’ or ‘Try this Kale.’” ~ Michael_Jr.
  19. “What doesn’t get done at work today can often be done tomorrow. But what doesn’t get done at home today, that time is gone forever.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  20. “If I have written two books and one of them sells better than the other one, is that other book technically the best seller?” ~ Michael_Jr.
  21. “When you can’t say the phrase ‘I forgive’ without adding the phrase ‘but I won’t forget’ you actually haven’t forgiven.” ~ Michael Jr.

  22. “Christianity is like playing tennis. You won’t be good at it if you don’t know how to serve… it always starts with love.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  23. “People should stop trying to get their act together because at the end of the day, you’re just acting.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  24. “If you really believed God had your back, you would stop putting on a front.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  25. “Stop waiting on the perfect situation and go make the situation perfect.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  26. “When you know your why, your what becomes more clear and impactful.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  27. “Is Jesus always the answer? What if the question is ‘who stole my $15?’” ~ Michael_Jr.
  28. “If you say you’re going to do ‘Beach ministry’ by anointing yourself with oil and offering yourself as burnt sacrifice.. you’re probably oversaved.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  29. “If a woman gets pregnant in Vegas, does the baby have to stay there?” ~ Michael_Jr.
  30. “When all the jewelry you own is shaped like a cross or a fish.. you’re probably oversaved.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  31. “If you make your kids play Peter says instead of Simon says.. you’re probably oversaved.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  32. “Life’s too short to spend getting mad about the little stuff. Forgive, forget, and press on.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  33. “If you have a genesis instead of a birthday.. you may be oversaved.” ~ Michael Jr.

  34. “If you try to multiply your leftovers instead of buying new food.. you may be oversaved.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  35. “Middle names, for when you want someone to know they’re in trouble.” ~ Michael_Jr.
  36. “Why does the term ‘fat chance’ mean there’s actually a very small chance?” ~ Michael_Jr.
  37. “If you only have sheets on your bed because Jesus is your comforter you might be oversaved.” ~ Michael_Jr.

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