39 Bonnie Deuschle Quotes on Living for God’s Glory

39 Bonnie Deuschle Quotes on Living for God’s Glory

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Bonnie Deuschle quotes
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Bonnie Deuschle is passionate about praising and worshiping God because that’s what she was created for. In her book, the Great Connection she lays out God’s plan for praise and worship, the way it should be done.

She is also wife to Tom Deuschle, the Senior Pastor of Celebration Ministries International in Harare. Together they have served the nations by taking the Kingdom of God to them resulting in reformation.

With a background in music and a love for worshiping God,

Here are 39 of her most famous quotes:

  1. “You can never take anyone someplace in praise that you haven’t been yourself.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  2. “Praise is a command from God, not a suggestion.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  3. “He knows your heart, but He wants your arms too.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  4. “You gotta have emotion in your devotion!” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  5. “We are created to praise, and if we don’t praise God, we will find someone or something else to praise.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  6. “God wants us to be lively stones, not dead bricks.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  7. “The devil suggests, but God commands.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  8. “He knows your heart, but He also wants your hands.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  9. “You are part of something so much greater than yourself.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  10. “He knows your heart, but He also wants your feet.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  11. “Praise is the Great Connection that joins humanity to the manifest presence of the living God.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  12. “The Great Connection happens in corporate praise when each individual expresses and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit under the direction of the church’s spiritual authority.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle

  13. “It’s not about you. It’s up to you.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  14. “He knows your heart, but He also wants your voice.”
  15. “The Great Connection Protocol: ‘Enter His gates with towdah, and His courts with tehillah. Give yadah to Him; barak His name.’” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  16. “There are two times to praise God: when you feel like it and when you don’t.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  17. “As we participate in the Great Connection, we begin to participate in the Great Commission.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  18. “Your response determines your destiny.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  19. “God wants us to move from passivity to activity in our corporate praise.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  20. “Your involvement is the key to your call.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  21. “God knows the power and unity of the shout.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  22. “People resist the move of the Holy Spirit because they grow up thinking He does things one way- their way. They think their way is right, and view the Bible through the eyes of their culture, instead of viewing their culture through the eyes of the Bible!” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  23. “The seven ancient words are not cultural truths, but Kingdom truths.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle

  24. “We didn’t come to take sides. We came to take over!” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  25. “People… are searching for, ‘Who am I’ but they’re really asking, ‘Whose am I?’” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  26. “The key to praising God is the God you praise.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  27. “Have you noticed that some people say God doesn’t seem to show up for them? That’s because they never give Him a seat.” ~ Bonnie Deuschle
  28. “You become what you behold.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  29. “When you get it, you do it; so if you don’t do it, you don’t get it. Got it?” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  30. “Worship precedes revelation.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  31. “Yes, God loves everyone; but not everyone is operating according to God’s divine purpose… Everything that can be, will be, perverted. The enemy is at war with God’s creation.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  32. “Get out of deception and into the mold of something that is truth. If you want to find your way, and learn about your way, find Yeshua; learn about Jesus Christ. The anchor of your spirituality is not the Holy Spirit, it is the word of God.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  33. “People are listening to your life. People are watching your life. Are you righteous? Are you integrous? If you have anything to say, say it.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle

  34. “The same energy of praise that you give a soccer team, you give to God and it’s not just for a little ball. It’s connected with angels and principalities and supernatural things.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  35. “Being a real fan of Jesus Christ will offend other people.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  36. “Wisdom is pounded in.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  37. “The forgotten blessing will be remembered. God ordained the blessing of the father to be irrevocable & irreplaceable. It didn’t change once given.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  38. “The world says follow your heart but the Bible says the heart is wicked.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle
  39. “Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.” ~ Bonnie_Deuschle

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  1. Great qoutes. I love them. 20 is my favourite?

    1. Nice. Glad you got value from them. Thank you, Lux

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