4 Lessons You Can Learn from Angus Buchan

4 Lessons You Can Learn from Angus Buchan

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I came to know about Angus Buchan from the movies that are based on his life experiences. Those movies are, “Faith like Potatoes” and “Ordinary People”. Movies based on the real life experiences of other people are usually very powerful and inspiring, especially the ones that carry a message of triumph.

These two movies are stories of triumph against massive odds all through the power of the Most High God. Angus Buchan is a farmer and evangelist based in South Africa and his life is a testimony of how God can take the foolish things of this world to do great and mighty things for the Kingdom of God.

Get both movies and check them out to learn more about his experiences. In this post I will outline some lessons I have learned from this man’s life and I believe you can learn and apply them to your life too.

1. Be fearless

The major factor that keeps you from realizing your full potential is not necessarily a lack of talent, or a lack of effort, but fear. Angus Buchan was a farmer in Zambia and due to political unrest there he moved to South Africa not knowing exactly where he was going to settle.

He and his family eventually settled on some farmland and rebuilt their life there. Fear exists in the mind only and most fears are not real and never really materialize. I am reminded of the acronym for fear that means False Evidence Appearing Real. Do not allow fear to stop you from taking action.

2. Walk in faith

Faith is the opposite of fear and it is very empowering. Angus Buchan broke through his fear barriers and launched out into a land that he didn’t know much about. The amazing thing is that he came to a point where he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and his childhood passion to tell people about Jesus was reignited.

Having followed through on that decision God has been using him ever since then to lead many people to Christ not least among them being his farm workers. Whose lives are you not touching because you’re bound by fear? You’ll never know until you launch out in faith.

3. Firm commitment

Being true to his calling Angus has reached out to people beyond the borders of his homeland South Africa. Being a believer is not a calling to live comfortably but it’s a life of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

At one point when he was facilitating his annual event, Mighty Men’s conference he pushed himself to the limits when speaking. He collapsed after a heart attack, got treatment but was determined to continue. That speaks of a man on a mission. Are you committed to your life’s calling?

4. Generational mindset

If you look through the Old Testament of the Bible many times speaks to the Israelites about teaching their children his ordinances from generation to generation. His children are all born again. In the movie, “Faith like Potatoes” in the scene when he decides to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ he pulls along his entire family to make the same commitment.

The whole family is involved in their ministry, Shalom Ministries, which is a sure recipe for ensuring continuity of the ministry beyond his death. Most initiatives in life fail because no legacy is passed on to the next generation. Be sure not to suffer the same fait.

Is there anything else you think we can learn from Angus Buchan? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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