4 Reasons Why Having a Scoreboard is Critical

4 Reasons Why Having a Scoreboard is Critical

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Have you ever felt like you were not making progress in anything that you are doing with your life? I have felt like that quite a number of times myself and that has often been followed by depression and low self-esteem. Every little mistake I then made I would exaggerate and sink into even more depression as a result.

After taking a closer look at the things I was doing it wasn’t really as bad as I had made it out to be. I then discovered that I was missing out on valuable lessons and opportunities to make even more progress in the different areas of my life.

What am I driving at by sharing this? If I had taken the time to analyze what I was doing I would not have been as discouraged as I was. I would also understand what I needed to do to get to my ultimate goals without fretting after every setback.

Analyzing what you do with your life is like having a scoreboard which gives you a big picture understanding of the work that you’re doing. This is true in business, leading a family, for sports teams and leading a ministry among others.

Do you have your own personal scoreboard where you keep track of what you are doing with your life? If you don’t have one create one that works for you. Here are some reasons why it is of utmost importance to have one:


1. To measure progress

I came across a quote that says, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”. This is normally a result of poorly defined goals without set parameters for accomplishing them. Let’s say you want to purchase a vehicle that costs $4000.

That figure alone can scare you off and make you feel incapable of realizing that objective. However, let’s say you are able to save $250 every month that you can put toward the vehicle. That would translate to raising the $4000 in 16 months.

With each month you save money you will have more confidence and actually see the possibility of seeing the goal to completion.

2. To help you adjust when needed

Making adjustments where necessary comes about when you understand your position. This happens when your initial plan seems not to be working towards the intended outcome. Making adjustments doesn’t mean that your goal will not come to pass but that something has to change in your approach to help you get to the same desired outcome.

Having that scoreboard helps you identify where adjustments need to be made early before it’s too late to realize your goal in the desired timeframe. A business owner that realizes that company profits are dropping can eliminate some things or improve certain things to increase the profits.

Without a scoreboard it’s really difficult to see where adjustments are required and over a long period of time it proves to be detrimental to your life.

3. To see things objectively

This is very significant in running a business. It’s very easy to think that things are going well when they are not and vice versa. The reason why many businesses fail is because the business owners run them based on their emotions.

Business is probably the best teacher when it comes to this lesson of the scoreboard. For the most part business is really about numbers. The key success factors for building a business is in making enough sales and driving marketing efforts.

You need to track the number of sales calls you make and the amount of money you spend versus sales, etc. Building a business is one of the most challenging things you can ever do and you go through a fair share of depression, anxiety and despondency.

Even when you feel that way be assured that when you track your progress and put in the required work consistently you eventually win. Most people fail because they put in a relative amount of work and feel good about it but it’s not enough to get them to the level that they want. Numbers in business are important and that’s why you need to have a scoreboard to track them.

4. To know where you are going

Ultimately a scoreboard will show you where you are going with your life. Do you like what you see? The answer to that question will inform you what course of action to take. This is one of the best benefits of keeping tabs on what you are doing. It helps you understand the power you have to determine your destiny.


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