4 Reasons Why John C Maxwell is Very Successful

4 Reasons Why John C Maxwell is Very Successful

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I remember a lesson I got from one of Edwin Cole’s books that says, “Fame can come in a moment but greatness comes with longevity.” This is a statement that is so true of John Maxwell. His work speaks for itself as seen with the millions of his books that have been sold to many around the world.

His organization, EQUIP, that is focused on developing leaders around the world and reaching people with the message of Jesus Christ is another good example. While I have not had the privilege of meeting him in person I have learned a lot through his great works.

Perhaps you think that leadership skills are for certain people only who are naturally born with them. The great thing about John is that he makes it simple to understand that anyone, including you, can develop them and have a real influence on other people.

The following are some reasons why I believe he’s so successful:

1. Consistency

If you follow his work you will realize that his message is the same even though it may be packaged in many different ways. He reaches out to different audiences and connects with them at different levels but he still communicates the same lessons all the time.

When you are consistent it helps people begin to trust you and what you represent. Inconsistency breeds mistrust and your influence on people becomes eroded eventually.

2. He is principled

Closely related to the first point above, a principled person lives according to a set of standards and values that influence who they become. One of the principles John lives by is,

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

That forms the basis of how he has been able to impact so many lives around the world. People want to be loved and made to feel special and important and this is what he and his team do.

John Maxwell understands that the best way to motivate people is by meeting their needs. Meeting people’s needs helps you establish influence on people’s lives.

3. He multiplies himself

There’s only so much you can do as an individual. As mentioned earlier, his organization EQUIP is an organization designed to grow and multiply leaders throughout the world. The organization doesn’t just train people so they have head knowledge.

The purpose of training people to be leaders is so that the trained leaders go on to train other people. Imagine the impact that would make in your sphere of influence. It is no wonder that John and his team have had tremendous success in so doing.

4. A good student

To be fit to lead other people you should have been a follower first. The Bible talks about humbling yourself so that God may exalt you. He makes reference to other people at times when he is delivering a message.

This is a very important lesson to keep in your heart. Learn as much as you can from the right people and admit when you don’t have all the answers. Constantly learn and you will become a better person as a result.


Are there more points about John C Maxwell that you would like to share? Share in the comments below.

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