4 Reasons You May Be Feeling Frustrated with Life

4 Reasons You May Be Feeling Frustrated with Life

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Frustration comes about as a result of seeing a desire or desires going unfulfilled in your life and that happens a lot. Sometimes that happens because the enemy may be fighting against what God may be doing in your life. Feeling frustrated may also be the result of certain things that may be out of alignment with God in your life.

The ultimate end may be disillusionment about the meaning of your life and a lot of other things can come out of that such as depression and maybe even thoughts of suicide. The devil is happy when you go through this because his ultimate goal is to steal, kill and destroy you.

Life presents to us numerous challenges but it should be enjoyable as well. The programming we receive from TV and other sources heavily influences what we do with our lives leading us astray as a result. I bet you want to know why you may be constantly frustrated with life.

Consider the following four thoughts:

1. Ignoring God’s calling on your life

It’s not often that God will shout out with a loud voice and tell you your life purpose. He speaks to people in different ways and you need to walk in the Holy Spirit to recognize His voice when He speaks to you. Life has many distractions that can keep you from listening to God’s voice.

That is one of the devil’s tactics to try and keep you from pursuing your God given destiny. Unfortunately when you ignore God’s voice life becomes miserable and the solution is to listen and follow through on what God says you should do.

The next time you are feeling frustrated consider if you may be ignoring what God is prompting you to do. That may be the answer to most of your challenges. God’s calling for your life was written in the books of Heaven before you were conceived and it cries out for manifestation here on earth.

The quicker you respond to His calling for your life the less irritated you will be.

2. The Jonah Syndrome

In the Bible we learn about Jonah’s experience of disobedience to God’s instruction to go to Nineveh and minister to the people there. Instead of doing that he chose to his own place with other people. Not only did he get into trouble by being swallowed by the whale but he also put the lives of those he travelled with in danger.

What are you not doing that may be jeopardizing the lives of the people around you such as your family? Whatever God tells you to do has a Divine purpose that always results in blessing other people. So when you are not doing God’s business you are also creating trouble for others as well.

Your goal should be to listen to what God says you should do and do it. The problem may be that you are doing you want and then asking God to bless it and that is not how He operates. Your will must be totally submitted to His will.

That idea that may seem insignificant to you but God wants you to pursue may be the very thing that will save you, your family and the community around you tomorrow. Be quick to obey God’s voice and you will be less frustrated with life.

3. Accepting the status quo

Maintaining things the way they have always been is not God’s nature because there is always room for improvement. Often when you find yourself falling into this pattern you probably are resistant to change too. Growing comfortable with who you are is dangerous because sooner rather than later you will become irrelevant in your domain of influence.

But the path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.” ~ Proverbs 4:18

With each new level of accomplishment God increases your capacity to handle the requirements of each level. You must develop that capacity by constant learning and sharpening your skills. The reward for doing great work is more work and so if you are comfortable with where you are it’s a good sign that you are not doing anything meaningful where you are.

You desire to have more in life but are irritated because you may just be accepting life as it is instead of pushing the boundaries. You must become the best version of you. That could mean changing your environment by going where you can thrive or changing your environment by influencing change. This is a choice that must be made after careful consideration in prayer.

4. Playing it safe

Jesus’ ministry on earth was always risky but He followed through on His mission because of the calling on His life to save us from our sins. He had to unashamedly preach God’s kingdom even though He offended some people in the process.

He went on to inspire the twelve apostles who ran with the gospel that has transformed nations around the world today. You and I would not be here today had it not been for his love for us. Whatever your life mission is you must go all in on it. In the book of Revelation God says He will spit you out if you are lukewarm.

When your mind is made up about doing something it’s amazing to see how God makes things work in your favor to carry out your life purpose. Give God all of you and He will give you all of Himself. Your breakthrough is on the other side of your comfort zone.


I hope something from one of these points spoke to your situation and that you will then go on to make it right with God. If this post has helped you remember to share on social media.

Let us know in the comments below other sources of frustration that were not covered above.

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