4 Ways an Accountability Partner Can Help You Succeed

4 Ways an Accountability Partner Can Help You Succeed

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Accountability groups are a common feature of life – on the job, rehabilitation facilities, home groups, etc. The purpose of accountability is for people to sharpen one another which is what the Bible also talks about as indicated by the scripture below:

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” ~ Proverbs 27:17

The very nature of human life is that of interdependence meaning that we are always going to need other people in life. So we are meant to be there for each other as human beings in our everyday lives and it’s a normal thing.

In this post we are going to point out 4 ways that having an accountability partner or accountability partners sharpens you in the different areas of your life. Here we go:

1. You stay focused

In accountability relationships you normally discuss certain objectives that need to be carried out by a given time. Putting a timeframe to given tasks puts some pressure on you to do them until they are done. That is what happens when there’s an expectation on you to do something.

When you are walking alone you’re answerable only to yourself and it becomes very easy for you to change your mind and you don’t get much done as a result.

2. Forces you to take action

Continuing from the previous point, when there’s an expectation on you to perform by a certain timeline you basically become forced to take action to make it happen. That little (or huge) pressure kicks you into action mode such that it becomes almost impossible not to do anything about it.

Even at your job or business when you are given a deadline by your boss or a client your focus shifts to getting the required tasks done. That pressure is a good thing and it helps you to become a sharper person. This is why it’s easier to win when you have a team of people around you. In sports you see this very easily.

When a team is losing most of its players look to the leader and other top performers to bail them out of their predicament. The other players as well look at themselves and realize that they need to play their part to make sure that the team does well as a whole.

3. You grow as a person

As you become consistent in staying focused and getting things done as expected of you naturally you grow as a person and become better. This is the result of a friend sharpening a friend as iron sharpens iron.

The disciples of Jesus had a similar effect on each other and they turned the world upside down as they shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. When you are walking alone your growth is very small but when you have others around your growth becomes exponential.

4. You have a support structure

There are times when you have gone off track, right? Many times you may not have realized that you were off track but someone else pointed it out to you and got you back on course. When one is weak the other can be strong for them and vice versa.

Woe to the person who has no form of support in the times when he is weak and stumbles. It’s almost impossible to keep going from strength to strength without someone or other people supporting you.


What other ways does an accountability partner help you become successful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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