40 Quotes about Communication, Sex and Money by Ed Cole

40 Quotes about Communication, Sex and Money by Ed Cole

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Communication, Sex and Money

Communication, Sex and Money are three of the biggest challenges in a marriage and overcoming is monumental. Ed Cole wrote this book on demand because it turned out to be a big area of concern.

Regarding communication, men tend to deal with issues at the surface level while women want detail. Men desire sex more than women and to seek pleasure instead of seeking to give it.

When it comes to money this is where most problems arise and in some cases leading to divorce. Dr. Cole’s book addresses all these different areas from a Biblical perspective to help married couples.

Here are 40 of his quotes from his book on these subjects:

  1. “Three basic problem areas exist in any relationship between a man and a woman. They are communication, sex and money.” ~ Ed Cole
  2. “As men, we need to understand that God made men and women unique, to be different from all other creatures- and from each other.” ~ Ed Cole
  3. “Men and women are unique, and each has their own uniqueness. A man was created for the glory of God, and the woman for the glory of man.” ~ Ed Cole
  4. “Israel’s sin was dealing with God as if He were a man. Many a man misses the mark in dealing with a woman because he makes the same mistake.” ~ Ed Cole
  5. “When a man fails to recognize, understand, or meet the unique needs of a woman, it can cause trouble- for her, for him.” ~ Ed Cole
  6. “All good communication in life must begin with communication with God. That’s where truth is found.” ~ Ed Cole
  7. “Satan not only tries to steal God’s Word, but also men’s words.” ~ Ed Cole
  8. “As God’s Word is to us, our word is to be to others.” ~ Ed Cole
  9. “Peace is the umpire for doing the will of God. Many is the man who missed God’s way because he based his decision on outward circumstances rather than an inward witness.” ~ Ed Cole
  10. “How can a woman trust a man if she can’t trust his word? The ability to trust her husband’s word is the ability to trust her husband.” ~ Ed Cole

  11. “Trust is extended to the limit of a man’s word and no more.” ~ Ed Cole
  12. “The provisions of love are identity, security, and stability. These are what Christ provides for the Church and what men are to provide their wives and children.” ~ Ed Cole
  13. “The three methods of communications given to mankind are word, gesture, and spirit. We often communicate with our words, but it’s our gestures and sprits that confirm or deny those words.” ~ Ed Cole
  14. “When communication stops, abnormality sets in, and the ultimate end of abnormality is death.” ~ Ed Cole
  15. “The greatest gesture of love known to mankind was the cross of Calvary. Jesus was God’s ultimate gesture of love to us.” ~ Ed Cole
  16. “Gratitude confirms relationships. Gratitude is the essence of praise, and praise is the essence of worship.” ~ Ed Cole
  17. “Communicating spirit to spirit is the most intimate form of communication possible.” ~ Ed Cole
  18. “If you want to change your emotions, change your actions. Emotions follow actions. When the emotions of love are not there, just begin to act on what is right and let God take care of the rest.” ~ Ed Cole
  19. “Circumcision involves the shedding of blood. All covenants based on blood require a mutual exchange of life. All freedom in life is based on blood.” ~ Ed Cole
  20. “Sex is the sign of a covenant relationship between a man and a woman. The covenant is why God gave sex only to those who are married.” ~ Ed Cole

  21. “Virginity is part of the uniqueness with which God endowed both men and women in creation. Virginity is a glory to both men and women.” ~ Ed Cole
  22. “God expected both the man and the woman to be virgins at the time of their marriage. It is possible to prove the virginity of a woman, but not the virginity of a man. The man’s word was to be reliable.” ~ Ed Cole
  23. “A huge percentage of women have been abused or sexually assaulted by some man during their girlhood. These women need healing from the emotional hurt.” ~ Ed Cole
  24. “God can do more in one touch of His Spirit than the whole world can do in all our lifetimes put together.” ~ Ed Cole
  25. “Any man who forces his wife to engage in sexual acts of any kind is operating out of lust, not love.” ~ E L. Cole
  26. “You don’t make a success in life because of your ability to talk, but your ability to listen.” ~ E L. Cole
  27. “A young man needs to know how to be a friend to a girl, in order to know how to be a husband to a woman.” ~ E L. Cole
  28. “The difference between good news and good advice can be the difference between life and death.” ~ E L. Cole
  29. “A man has a tendency to see the worth of his manhood in terms of money. But men were meant to fulfill their sense of manhood through a relationship with God, not through material gain.” ~ E L. Cole

  30. “Prosperity is the natural, sequentially ordered result of righteousness in life. Wherever there is righteousness there is prosperity.” ~ E L. Cole
  31. “You can tell a man’s character better by his use of money than by his way of worship.” ~ E L. Cole
  32. “God always gives a strategy for victory. God’s wisdom is the strategy. His glory is in the victory. Men pray for victory, and God gives a strategy.” ~ E L. Cole
  33. “Inadequate records make for inadequate communication. Poor records are unreliable messengers. Keep adequate records.” ~ E L. Cole
  34. “Financial health does not depend on how much you make but on how much you save. And how much you save depends on how much you spend.” ~ E L. Cole
  35. “By use you possess and gain, by disuse you decline and lose.” ~ E L. Cole
  36. “Everything in life has risk. You must take risks in whatever venture you undertake and every time you make a decision. But risk is different from gambling. Gambling is risking on chance.” ~ E L. Cole
  37. “Mediocre men settle for good, which is the enemy of best. Mediocre men could have more, but they settle for less.” ~ E L. Cole
  38. “Receiving is as important as believing.” ~ E L. Cole
  39. “In marriage, a sense of ‘oneness’ is vital. Without it, marriage can become a continual armed conflict. Worse, it can end in divorce.” ~ E L. Cole
  40. “Some men wait too late to change. Some never do change. If you want to save your marriage and your family, don’t take a chance on waiting too late.” ~ E L. Cole

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