8 Epic Mensa Otabil Quotes You Need to Hear

8 Epic Mensa Otabil Quotes You Need to Hear

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Mensa Otabil quotes
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Dr. Mensa Otabil is a prominent African leader based in the nation of Ghana in West Africa. He is a theologian, entrepreneur, speaker and founder of the International Central Gospel Church with headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

Africa is a special place and through his leadership and love for education, he’s making a positive difference. He’s the kind of person who wants to see his brothers empowered and live out their God-given potential.

Here are 8 nuggets of wisdom he shares about life and the Kingdom of God:

1. “The truths of God are like the law of gravity. They never become irrelevant with time. Many have trusted in their own wisdom and failed, but those who pursue the wisdom of God experience peace and prosperity.” ~ Mensa Otabil

Life isn’t as complicated as some people make it out to be, it’s quite simple. When you base your life on godly principles, you can expect a successful outcome in whatever you do. On the other hand, if you try to be a smart Alex and do things your own way, don’t expect God to bless the work of your hands.
No matter how much God loves you, He will not go against His word to fulfil your desires. True wisdom is in fearing the Lord and abiding by His commandments.

2. “Don’t allow laziness to prevent you from achieving your full potential. Rise up and apply yourself to your work. Hard work is the surest route to success.” ~ Mensa Otabil

Laziness, from what I’ve seen, tends to be a result of lack of motivation or passivity with certain things. With a deep sense of purpose about your life’s existence, most of the motivation will come from within. At times you’ll have to push yourself even when you don’t feel like it to get over the finish line.

Having a mindset of looking for shortcuts also promotes laziness, and must be avoided by all means. A combination of hard work and working smart will yield desirable results.

3. “If you want to hear the voice of God and to know truth and understand the purpose of your life, search the scriptures.” ~ Mensa Otabil

The way God mainly speaks to us is through His word which is the basis of all truth. He may communicate in other ways such as dreams, prophecies, circumstances, etc. but His word is the standard measure.

Some people make the mistake of running with prophecies without putting them to the test of God’s word. It’s common practice to fall into error when this happens.

Not all dreams and prophecies are from God, as some can be from our own fleshly desires. That’s why meditating on the Word of God daily is a good practice to help you walk in truth. The more you spend time doing so, the more you will think God’s thoughts and lead a successful life.

4. “Don’t let anyone take your Christianity as a sign of weakness!” ~ Mensa Otabil

In being a Christian, your lifestyle can make you seem odd or weird to the rest of the world. When you’re insulted, the natural first reaction would be to insult as well to get some justice. To the world, that would be normal but as a Christian your response could be different.

Instead of cursing, you can choose to do good instead and seek to understand why the other insulted you. It gives the offending party an opportunity to see Christ at work in you, and be ministered to. God’s ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

5. “A heart that forgives is the one that has experienced and understands the love of God.” ~ Mensa Otabil

Forgiveness is a powerful thing and can change the lives of the people involved in a given situation. Because Jesus died for us on the cross and forgave us our sins, we have the gift of salvation and eternal life. Imagine if God didn’t allow Him to die for us, where would we be today? We would have been condemned to a life of eternal judgment.

I often think about the story of Woodlawn High School during the years of the Jesus Revolution in the 70s. A movement to show love to one another among students of a football team, ultimately transformed an entire state. The state of Alabama, which was highly segregated during that time, was never the same afterwards.

6. “God doesn’t microwave miracles. He works according to times and seasons.” ~ Mensa Otabil

Understanding seasons and times helps us to go through life with peace of mind. Knowing what to do in the various seasons of life is what’s important. Just as sure as summer and winter are, you can be assured that times of adversity and prosperity will come.

If we had our way, most of us would choose to entirely skip the winter seasons and perpetually live in the summer seasons. You can’t wish away seasons, and each of them serve a specific purpose that is necessary for our overall wellbeing.

Exercising patience then becomes important in your life’s journey. If you’re in a tough season, know that it shall pass and your breakthrough will come. Successfully going through the process is the miracle.

7. “People will fight you because your success is a threat to them. Keep pushing in the face of stiff opposition and victory shall be yours.” ~ Mensa Otabil

Your enemies serve a purpose in your life, even though you’d rather not have them at all. Their actions propel us to turn to God when things are not going well, helping us keep Him our focus. They push us to do what we’re supposed to do directly or indirectly. I’ve heard some people describe enemies as the manure that fertilizes your dreams.

Manure doesn’t have a pleasant smell or appearance but carries powerful nutrients that help plants grow successfully. Instead of becoming fearful or carrying hatred towards, keep moving forward like a good soldier of Christ. God uses what our enemies intend for harm to work for our good.

8. “Don’t abort your miracle by succumbing to doubt and fear. Hold on to God’s Word and you will surely breakthrough.” ~ Mensa Otabil

Fear and doubt are some of the most powerful emotions that influence human behavior in life. In our darkest hour, the temptation to quit tends to be at its highest with no end in sight.

Getting past that is what leads to the desired breakthroughs we seek after. It’s never easy and that’s why leaning on God during those dark times is the best thing we can do.

You must remember that feelings may be powerful communicators, but they are not reliable sources of truth. The most reliable source of truth is the word of God, therefore you must develop a thick skin to persevere through hard times.

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