41 Mensa Otabil Quotes for Living in Kingdom Prosperity

41 Mensa Otabil Quotes for Living in Kingdom Prosperity

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Mensa Otabil quotes
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Dr. Mensa Otabil is a prominent African leader based in the nation of Ghana in West Africa. He is a theologian, entrepreneur, speaker and founder of the International Central Gospel Church with headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

Africa is a special place and through his leadership and love for education he’s making a positive difference. He’s the kind of person who wants to see his brothers empowered and live out their God-given potential.

Here are 41 nuggets of wisdom he shares about life and the Kingdom of God:

  1. “An unforgiving heart becomes a bitter soul.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  2. “Mental power is not only a matter of how well you can recite scripture, but how well you can apply it to your everyday life.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  3. “The truths of God are like the law of gravity. They never become irrelevant with time. Many have trusted in their own wisdom and failed, but those who pursue the wisdom of God experience peace and prosperity.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  4. “When God’s wisdom begins to manifest in your life, it sets you apart and promotes you. Solomon asked for wisdom and God gave it to him in abundance. You have access to the Source of all wisdom and there’s nothing you can’t do.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  5. “God is pouring the spirit of creativity upon you. He is giving you a wise and discerning mind to do exploits for His kingdom. Out of the depths of your spirit shall come forth solutions to complicated problems.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  6. “Your unique gifts will cause you to rise and be promoted. You will not be held back and you will stand before kings! Like Joseph, Pharaoh will recognize the Spirit of God at work in you.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  7. “Out of your hands will come forth witty inventions, and you shall be ahead of your generation. By wisdom, you shall become a pace-setter!” ~ Mensa Otabil
  8. “The future of Africa will not be determined by our oil find. The future of Africa will be determined by our foresight, wisdom and planning. We need to think clearly, plan thoroughly and execute our plans with precision.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  9. “Don’t allow laziness to prevent you from achieving your full potential. Rise up and apply yourself to your work. Hard work is the surest route to success.” ~ Mensa Otabil

  10. “No matter the work you do, the Lord is interested in your productivity. He has promise to reward us for every good thing we do.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  11. “There is no act of love greater than the one on the Cross. Jesus endured the Cross so that He might save us.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  12. “In Christ is the fullness of life and when you come to know Him, you realize your divine purpose.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  13. “If you can love the Lord with all of your heart, and love your neighbor as Christ has loved you, then obeying the commandments of God will become a natural outflow of your commitment towards Him.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  14. “If you want to hear the voice of God and to know truth and understand the purpose of your life, search the scriptures.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  15. “A transformed mind and a heart that fears the Lord is what will move Africa from poverty to prosperity.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  16. “Live your life with eternity in view.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  17. “Don’t let anyone take your Christianity as a sign of weakness!” ~ Mensa Otabil
  18. “A heart that forgives is the one that has experienced and understands the love of God.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  19. “Don’t listen to things that are designed to kill your confidence and your creative abilities.” ~ Mensa Otabil

  20. “The solution to our problems is not in the number of natural resources we discover, but in our ability to overcome inferiority complex.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  21. “Prophecies given in line with Scripture come to edify, exhort and console. They must not lead you to sin or magnify the strength of man.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  22. “God doesn’t microwave miracles. He works according to times and seasons.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  23. “You have to defend your breakthrough. Don’t allow the enemy to swoop in and steal your portion.” ~ Mensa Otabil
  24. “People will fight you because your success is a threat to them. Keep pushing in the face of stiff opposition and victory shall be yours.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  25. “In our part of the world, where people make it their full-time job to pull others down, I pray that grace will frustrate their efforts. You will be above and never below.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  26. “There will always be those who oppose your dreams but never allow them to discourage you. Rather, use them as stepping stones to greatness.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  27. “Your crisis will give birth to your breakthrough.” ~ Mensa_Otabil

  28. “The problem with Africa is not due to the color of our skin, but the content that shape our minds or imagination.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  29. “When we breakout of our mental prisons, we will realize the true extent of our potentials and what great things we can accomplish as a nation.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  30. “Don’t give in to fear because greater is He that is in you, than anything that will come against you.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  31. “Don’t abort your miracle by succumbing to doubt and fear. Hold on to God’s Word and you will surely breakthrough.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  32. “God is a Restorer. By His word, dry bones come alive. He can forgive your past and design your future. He makes all things new. May He restore your wasted years.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  33. “Separate yourself from ungodliness. Flee from sexual sins. Walk in holiness because we are commanded to be holy as He is.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  34. “As a Christian, will you bow to the world or compromise on your faith just to please men? Are you willing to embrace the ungodly lifestyle of our times in order to feel accepted? You cannot love God and the world at the same time. You cannot serve two masters!” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  35. “Don’t seek temporal relief from the enemy when trouble comes. Maintain your faith in the Most High.” ~ Mensa_Otabil

  36. “Have faith! Don’t quit on God simply because the answer to your prayers have delayed. God has bigger and better things for you. He will surely answer you.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  37. “You cannot declare yourself a victor without going through battles and you cannot have a testimony without going through trials.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  38. “As a follower of Jesus, you will go through difficulty; people will despise you and even seek to destroy you. But like Daniel, when you are thrown into the pit, God will shut the mouth of lions.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  39. “Don’t give up on God when things get tough because the end of your trial is always glorious.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  40. “Your faith in Christ will always attract persecution. God allows us to experience trials to strengthen our faith and to mold our character.” ~ Mensa_Otabil
  41. “Character is not made in crisis; it is revealed.” ~ Mensa_Otabil

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