41 Powerful Tom Deuschle Quotes on Righteous Living

41 Powerful Tom Deuschle Quotes on Righteous Living

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Tom Deuschle quotes
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Tom Deuschle is the senior Pastor of Celebration Churches International in Harare, Zimbabwe. One of the things that stand out about him is his level of integrity and faithfulness to the calling God has placed on his life.

His impact has gone beyond the borders of Zimbabwe and has touched people’s lives all over the world. Even today he continues to minister all kinds of people from prisoners to widows, men, women, orphans and more.

Below is a compilation of 41 powerful quotes to keep you in right standing with God:

  1. “It requires no faith to live in a worldly lifestyle. The Bible says, whatever is not of faith, is sin. Only by faith can you please God. And then He can operate in your life.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  2. “Your involvement in the kingdom of God will increase with your personal life, the way you lead your family and with your finances.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  3. “We’ve been learning about wisdom from above. The Bible says, in Christ are hidden ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge… The primary way to obtain wisdom is to study the teachings of Jesus Christ, study what’s in the New Testament, and to ask and pray for wisdom from God.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  4. “All of the deeds of our flesh are manifested out of some sort of pain or trauma. In our own heart and lives… The Bible says we overcome the flesh by walking in the spirit. But how do we do this? “ ~ Tom Deuschle
  5. “What trials and tribulations are you facing that are causing you pain and keeping you up at night? In all of her pain and anguish, Hannah turned to the Lord. The only solution and answer to our troubles is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the living God.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  6.  “We’re living in a world full of lies and deceit from so many sources. The Bible says there are lying spirits who lead astray…even our own hearts are self-deceptive.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  7. “If we do not allow the true word of God to change us, than we are already self-deceived. Call unto ME says the Lord.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  8. “God does hear the prayers of His people, and He has given us the mandate to enforce the defeat of our enemies that Jesus purchased for us on the Cross of Calvary. But when we fail to pray in-line with the word of God, we can hinder and nullify our prayers.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  9. “What is the key that unlocks Heaven’s blessings and answers? Real power is not in a demonstration but in self-control.” ~ Tom Deuschle

  10. “You and I may be in this word, but we are not of it, and do not have to operate under the jurisdiction of darkness. God is still working in the hearts and lives of believers, but we need to learn how to enforce the enemies defeat with the power God has already given to us. “ ~ Tom Deuschle
  11. “When you speak, God moves on your behalf. If I am led of the spirit; if I have authority; then I’m not afraid to speak the truth (the word of God) into every situation, knowing that God and all of Heaven will back me up…” ~ Tom Deuschle
  12. “God gives you an amazing authority. The only way it can be released in the earth is through a voice; it has to be spoken. There must be instruction from our mouths in order to release God’s word so He can begin to move on our behalf.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  13. “God Himself is behind the authority He gives you, and it is a delegated authority. My job is to help you and teach how to move in that faith…and how to let the Spirit of Light rise up in you.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  14. “I am amazed at how pivotal the book of Daniel—and his life—is to not only the Bible but how it parallels to you and I today… When the King takes his place and the Men of God take their place, evil will be on the decline.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  15. “Life produces many difficult decisions and choices. There are right and wrong decisions; good and bad decisions; the high roads and the low roads. Where you are today is due to the turn in the road you took yesterday.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  16. “The Bible says, ‘Guard against quarrels, or risk shipwrecking your faith…’ You and I are so easily deceived. The lust for other things is what chokes out the word of life in people’s lives. I want you to spend time in the Bible and invest in that which is eternal.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  17. “God gave you the dream, the vision, the intention that was in His heart. But you can’t do it without God’s hand… God desires for each of us to come into our own unique awareness of who He is, of His presence and of His dealings in our lives.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  18. “I believe everyone one of you has a measure of influence in your community. But before we can affect change in the natural, we must do it in the spiritual. Our purpose on Earth is to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  19. “The church’s stand is this: that the Kingdom of God is the answer for all of mankind. This is the Zimbabwe we want.” ~ Tom Deuschle

  20. “Some people think giving is a transaction, but giving goes right down to the core of your character. God’s looking at how you and why you give, so that He can pour out blessing. If you think it’s a transaction, you’ve missed it.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  21. “The church and believers must understand that they represent a King and His Kingdom. You can limit God by what you see and tangibly feel instead of allowing Him to show you the path. Don’t be limited by your view on things, like money.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  22. “If you desire to be ethical, you live by one standard across the board. There is no separation. When leaders find a standard of values to govern their lives, there will be ethics wherever they go. The scriptures teach us that there is one standard…” ~ Tom Deuschle
  23. “Many of you are discouraged because you feel like every door has been closed—you’ve given up on an open door, and the discouragement keeps you from even looking. That’s why we must remain strong in prayer and be men and women of the spirit, because without the spirit you cannot see the open door.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  24. “It’s crucial we learn how to forgive others so that we can avoid the eminent destruction of our own heart. Jesus didn’t just die for your sins, but for the sins of everyone. When we realize that our need for Christ is the same as everyone else’s, we begin to view the world differently.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  25. “As you see how insidious the enemy is in contriving traps and bondages for God’s people, it’ll create a strong desire for you and everyone you know to be set free from the grip of the enemy and double-mindedness.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  26.  “It is impossible to have transformation in a country without having transformational leaders. Paul voluntarily became a servant to Christ and by doing so a servant to people. Become all things to all men that by all means, you might be able to save some; but keep your bearings in Christ!” ~ Tom Deuschle
  27.  “The responsibility is for you and I to put the Shin in the right place. When we are worshiping God and have our hearts in the right place, blessing, peace and grace follow us. But when it’s out of place, chaos, frustration and unforgiveness follow. You and I get to determine how to follow the Shin.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  28. “Don’t live a defeated life. Christ gave us the peace and authority to destroy the chaos in our lives and in this world. If you CHOOSE to, you can look at the negative in life and have no peace. You’ll receive exactly what you focus on. It’s the nature of the shin.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  29. “If traditions have taken away how God wants us to worship Him, we need to go back to what the Bible says. Jesus said, ‘I only do what I see my father do; I only say what I hear my father say.’“ ~ Tom Deuschle

  30. “After studying the realities of the scriptures and the historic truths of Satan’s infiltration into the church and into these holidays, I would rather please God. And not be held back by my sentiments or ‘my way.’“ ~ Tom Deuschle
  31.  “The Holy Spirit is not an ‘it’ but a person… You can’t have ‘it’ but you can have a relationship with him. I believe the church should be a movement of God’s Spirit; it is the power of the resurrection. When you touch the Holy Spirit you’re touching the resurrected Lord, and when the Holy Spirit moves, nothing can stop him…” ~ Tom Deuschle
  32. “We’re going to see the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen… On the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit fell—50 days after the Spring Feasts, after Jesus was resurrected, 50 days later—the church began. We are living in the church age, but we’re coming into the Fall Season.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  33. “We thrive when there’s real community… The Bible says, community is something that you do; something you practice; something you build. It starts with trust.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  34. “I believe the most formidable obstacle that is keeping God from releasing the wealth that he’s promised to his people is a poverty mindset. A spirit of poverty does its best to distance all of those it can from spiritual, physical, social and material prosperity.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  35. “What do Easter eggs and bunnies have to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Easter comes from Eostre, Germanic a goddess, it has nothing to do with Jesus. Paganism has crept back into the church.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  36. “What would happen in the markets if a great wealth transfer took place? What if a great wealth transfer came into the kingdom of God? Who amongst you would be able to manage it? “~ Tom Deuschle

  37. “God is taking us to a greater realm of understanding. That there’s a courtroom where we can present a case and plead it with Heaven before a righteous judge. Prayer is more than just beating the air, its more than just making requests—its taking a legal course, getting a legal precedent and getting a verdict from Heaven that allows us to enforce it on earth.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  38. “The purpose of a mediator, is to bring two parties to a place of agreement. Jesus was without sin, but you and I are with sin. He is our advocate, somebody who we can go boldly before the Throne of Grace with who understands us, and understands our frailty, yet understands God’s righteousness and can bring the two together and meditate on our behalf. That is the power of what Jesus paid for on the Cross of Calvary…” ~ Tom Deuschle
  39. “The battle in the courtroom always precedes the victory on the battlefield… Jesus never frames prayer in a battlefield context, but in a courtroom and judicial setting. Don’t try to run into the battlefields without first having a verdict in the courts.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  40. “Everything God does reflects his fathering spirit; it is the only antidote for the orphan spirit. The one true God—the one true father—will change and transform your life. The more you walk with God, the less you think about yourself.” ~ Tom Deuschle
  41. “Our relationship with God will only develop to the extent that we make the effort to get to know him, personally. It won’t come about by someone else seeking God on your behalf.” ~ Tom Deuschle

On or off this list, what is your favorite Tom Deuschle quote? Comment Below!

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