7 Powerful Tom Deuschle Quotes on Righteous Living

7 Powerful Tom Deuschle Quotes on Righteous Living

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Tom Deuschle is the senior Pastor of Celebration Churches International in Harare, Zimbabwe. One of the things that stand out about him is his level of integrity and faithfulness to the calling God has placed on his life.

His impact has gone beyond the borders of Zimbabwe and has touched people’s lives all over the world. Even today he continues to minister to all kinds of people from prisoners to widows, men, women, orphans, and more.

Below is a compilation of 7 powerful quotes to keep you in right standing with God:

1. “It requires no faith to live in a worldly lifestyle. The Bible says, whatever is not of faith, is sin. Only by faith can you please God. And then He can operate in your life.” ~ Tom Deuschle

In the Bible, faith is defined as the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. The nature of faith often defies common sense and without a discerning spirit, you could miss out on some things.

So whatever you do out of fear instead of faith, God considers it as sin. Following the sinful ways of this world keeps you from realizing the fullness of God’s plan in your life. When you live by faith, God is able to work His great plan for your life.

2. “If we do not allow the true word of God to change us, than we are already self-deceived. Call unto ME says the Lord.” ~ Tom Deuschle

Most people are fine with having Jesus as their Savior but they don’t want to acknowledge Him as Lord. As long as you don’t allow God to have dominion over your life, you won’t have dominion on the earth.

On the other hand, allowing the word of God to transform you enables you to realize your true potential. It requires humility to realize that submitting yourself to God’s will does not stifle your potential but unleashes it. Only by living in righteousness will you understand God’s desires and how you fit in with His plans.

3. “When you speak, God moves on your behalf… If I am led of the spirit; if I have authority; then I’m not afraid to speak the truth (the word of God) into every situation, knowing that God and all of Heaven will back me up.” ~ Tom Deuschle

As a believer of Jesus you must understand that you have authority to bring heaven on earth. It’s a big part of your identity in Christ and one that the devil doesn’t want you to know. The earth is the domain God has given you and every other believer to exercise your authority.

Whatever your sphere of influence, you have the mandate to bring order where there’s chaos to align with godly standards. Sadly some believers think that only a select group of people have the power to do such mighty acts, but it’s certainly not true.

4. “Life produces many difficult decisions and choices. There are right and wrong decisions; good and bad decisions; the high roads and the low roads. Where you are today is due to the turn in the road you took yesterday.” ~ Tom Deuschle

Life is simple and not as complicated as some people may make it seem to be. God operates according to laws and principles that govern all of life, and you choose how to live. If you make poor decisions, you’re likely to experience unwanted consequences later on.

If you want your future to be better than what it is today, you have to make good decisions today. It’s good to remember that God is not mocked, and that what you sow is what you will reap.

5. “God gave you the dream, the vision, the intention that was in His heart. But you can’t do it without God’s hand… God desires for each of us to come into our own unique awareness of who He is, of His presence and of His dealings in our lives.” ~ Tom Deuschle

One thing you cannot do is act independent of God and still fulfill the dreams He has placed in your heart. He created you after all and has all the strategies and tactics that you must implement for them to manifest.

It’s like a branch that wants to break away from the tree but eventually it wilts and dies. So apart from operating under the Lord’s guidance you soon die a natural death and the dreams never come to pass.

6. “Some people think giving is a transaction, but giving goes right down to the core of your character. God’s looking at how you and why you give, so that He can pour out blessing. If you think it’s a transaction, you’ve missed it.” ~ Tom Deuschle

Giving in to the work of God is more about the relationship you have with God and His purposes. The reason we give is that we love Him and want to see His purposes advanced here on earth. God’s word does tell us that He rewards us for the investment we make into His kingdom.

Some people tend to focus on the reward which then comes across as a mere transaction in God’s eyes. God desires to bless you when you sow into His works but He’s more interested in your heart’s condition. You must give with the right perspective.

7. “Our relationship with God will only develop to the extent that we make the effort to get to know him, personally. It won’t come about by someone else seeking God on your behalf.” ~ Tom Deuschle

The more time you spend in prayer and studying the Word of God, the richer your relationship will be. Just as you develop friendships by spending time with friends, you develop a relationship with God by giving Him your time.

Most people are deceived by false ministers when they choose to leave that responsibility to them. Instead of getting to know God for themselves, they choose to trust everything a man of God says. Sometimes they could be wrong so it’s always good to study the Word to verify things.

On or off this list, what is your favorite Tom Deuschle quote? Comment Below!

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