10 Inspirational and Life Changing Overcomer Movie Quotes

10 Inspirational and Life Changing Overcomer Movie Quotes

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Overcomer movie by Alex Kendrick
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When you talk about identity the first thing that comes to mind is easily what you do for a living. The movie Overcomer will tell you what you true identity is which is found in Jesus Christ.

Overcomer the movie is a 2019 faith-based film by the Kendrick Brothers, their second independent film after War Room. It tells the story of a basketball coach who finds his value in how well he performs as a coach.

When that’s stripped away from him he goes on a journey that leads him to his true identity in Christ. With a powerful cast of characters the movie will remind you that you’re an overcomer in Christ.

Here are 10 Overcomer movie quotes to remind you of your identity:

1. “I get it. You have to coach cross country but it’s not the end of the world, John.” ~ Amy Harrison

Sometimes life hands us a raw deal and all we want to do is to escape from the situation. That was the case with John Harrison when he was assigned to coach cross country which he didn’t like.

In your life, this could be working in a job you hate and wishing you could find your dream job. However, if you carry the right attitude about your situation you’ll be amazed at what God can do.

Nothing with God is ever wasted meaning your situation serves a much greater purpose than you realize now. In the movie, that situation would lead John Harrison to reuniting a father and his daughter.

2. “You give some very inspirational speeches to your players; about stepping up under pressure and going the extra mile.” ~ Olivia Brooks

John was challenged by the school principal, Olivia Brooks, to practice what he preached. In tough times he would challenge his team to step up their game to win games. He was now faced with a tough time himself, and complained about coaching cross country instead of having a positive attitude.

Always keep in mind that your actions speak louder than your words. Walk the talk that you talk to gain the respect of other people. Talking doesn’t take much effort after all. It’s much like learning to take your own advice.

3. “Something or someone will have first place in your heart. But when you find your identity in the One who created you, it will change your whole perspective.” ~ Thomas Hill

One of the biggest lessons the movie brings out is that whatever you give the most attention, defines you. Many times we don’t see it like that but when you take the time to analyze it, you’ll find that it’s true.

You can easily claim that you love God with all your heart, yet most of your attention might go towards making an extra dollar. This isn’t to say making money is wrong, but if it becomes your main pursuit then money becomes your God.

I mention money because that’s what many people measure themselves by but it could be anything else. Honor God above everything to have a more peaceful mind.

4. “I’m just impressed that you finished.” ~ Amy Harrison

Have you ever started working on a project and stopped halfway? I’m sure most of us have at one point or another. Not completing projects or following through on goals breeds a bad habit of quitting. If you quit once, it becomes easier the next time and so on and so on.

The only time you should quit something is when you realize it’s not serving your life purpose. People tend to give up when the journey gets hard and its part of the price of winning.

When you follow through on your goals, it enhances your strength of character even without the expected outcome.

5. “If you never play in college at all, I love you and I’m already proud of you.” ~ John Harrison

John was so intense as a coach and competitor, and as a result, it rubbed off on his son. Part of his drive for winning was to get his son a scholarship to get through college. At the back of his son Ethan’s mind, he felt he had to win by all means necessary.

After John realizes he put more emphasis on his son exceling than loving him, he reaffirmed his love for him. Love the people in your life not only for what they can accomplish but because God says we should love. It takes off unnecessary pressure they may have been under.

6. “Three years ago, God had to let me lose my sight before I could see.” ~ Thomas Hill

At times God will take away something you value the most to help you see what’s important. I’ve realized that when this happens, it’s God’s way of getting your attention. It gives us the opportunity to draw closer to God, realizing that He’s the most important part of our lives.

In the movie, Thomas Hill turns to God when he loses his independence after losing his eye sight. Earlier in his life, he had been a smart Alex who trusted in himself but all that was taken away. Changes in your life like that certainly change your perspective.

7. “If Jesus can forgive me for the things I’ve done then I can forgive other people.” ~ Hannah Scott

Hannah had been abandoned by her father Thomas when she was just a baby. She grew up feeling inferior and insecure as a result without her father’s presence in her life. The pain she experienced resulted in resentment towards Thomas which made it hard to forgive him.

At one point or another, you’ve probably experienced a similar situation where you were hurt by other people. Some people are easier to forgive while others may require a lot more from you to forgive them.

The only way to truly forgive them is through the power of the Holy Spirit operating in you.

8. “You don’t win races with just your legs. Victory or defeat happens in your head first. This is a mental competition. So I want you to start thinking like a winner.” ~ Thomas Hill

Battles are often won or lost before you engage your opponents on the battle field. The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” which emphasizes how important your thought process is when you engage in battle. This is the message Thomas sends to Hannah as he coaches her through the State championship race.
As you master your thoughts when taking on assignments, it’s easier to navigate through any battle. The people who often win in life are those who believe they can, and not always the most capable.

9. “Give God your best, Hannah. And no matter what, I love you.” ~ Thomas Hill

Great coaches or leaders make a good distinction between their followers’ effort and their individual value as a person. They require their followers to put in maximum effort into their roles on the team; however, they assure their team members that they love them for who they are regardless of their effort.
In the same way, God loves you no matter what even though He desires for you to wholeheartedly serve Him. As a parent, leader, coach it will serve you well to have a similar disposition towards your team.

10. “When we give our life over to God, He helps us, He forgives us, He can turn the bad to good and carry us forward.” ~ Thomas Hill

Submitting your life to God is a life changing experience no matter what your past may look like. He makes all things work together for good, including the negative stuff you may be ashamed of. Thomas was ashamed of his past but it ultimately led him to receiving Jesus Christ as his savior.

In his short three years of being a believer, he left a great legacy for those that knew him. Hannah came to know the Lord as well, and John came to realize who he truly was in Christ. His relationship with Barbara was also restored and it led her to Christ as well.

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