44 Inspirational and Life Changing Overcomer Movie Quotes

44 Inspirational and Life Changing Overcomer Movie Quotes

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Overcomer movie quotes
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When you talk about identity the first thing that comes to mind is easily what you do for a living. The movie Overcomer will tell you what you true identity is which is found in Jesus Christ.

Overcomer the movie is a 2019 faith-based film by the Kendrick Brothers, their second independent film after War Room. It tells the story of a basketball coach who finds his value in how well he performs as a coach.

When that’s stripped away from him he goes on a journey that leads him to his true identity in Christ. With a powerful cast of characters the movie will remind you that you’re an overcomer in Christ.

Here are 44 Overcomer movie quotes to remind you of your identity:

  1. “Your identity will be tied to whatever you give your heart to.” ~ Thomas Hill
  2. “I am created by God, He designed me. So I’m not a mistake. His Son died for me, just so I could be forgiven. He picked me to be His own, so I’m chosen.” ~ Hannah Scott
  3. “He redeemed me, so I am wanted, He showed me grace, just so I could be saved, He has a future for me because He loves me. So I don’t wonder anymore Coach Harrison, I am a child of God. I just wanted you to know.” ~ Hannah Scott
  4. “I thought that one runner could still medal without a team.” ~ Olivia Brooks
  5. “One runner matters! John, you’re a good coach and you’re a good teacher. If she wants to try out then let her.” ~ Olivia Brooks
  6. “I’m down three coaches but I do think I have a solution to cross country.” ~ Olivia Brooks
  7. “I get it. You have to coach cross country but it’s not the end of the world, John.” ~ Amy Harrison
  8. “For someone who knows the Lord, you act like someone who doesn’t! Which makes me wonder, what have you allowed to define you?” ~ Thomas Hill
  9. “You give some very inspirational speeches to your players; about stepping up under pressure and going the extra mile.” ~ Olivia Brooks
  10. “Something or someone will have first place in your heart. But when you find your identity in the One who created you, it will change your whole perspective.” ~ Thomas Hill

  11. “I’m just impressed that you finished.” ~ Amy Harrison
  12. “If you never play in college at all, I love you and I’m already proud of you.” ~ John Harrison
  13. “I want to thank you for what you said. I think I’m more of a hypocrite than I’d like to admit.” ~ John Harrison
  14. “Three years ago, God had to let me lose my sight before I could see.” ~ Thomas Hill
  15. “Thomas, she needs a father. You still have so much to offer her.” ~ Amy Harrison
  16. “If Jesus can forgive me for the things I’ve done then I can forgive other people.” ~ Hannah Scott
  17. “You just gave her to me. Give me the chance to love her Lord! Don’t you leave me here useless.” ~ Thomas Hill
  18. “If you want me to do this forgiveness thing, you’ve got to help me! I can’t do it anymore, I need your help!” ~ Barbara Scott
  19. “I’m going to walk you through the course and you’re going to coach her.” ~ John Harrison
  20. “Hannah, this is your dad. I’m going to coach you through this race and be with you every step of the way. We’re going to do this together. Just stay with me.” ~ Thomas Hill
  21. “You don’t win races with just your legs. Victory or defeat happens in your head first. This is a mental competition. So I want you to start thinking like a winner.” ~ Thomas Hill

  22. “I’m your biggest fan, you’re going to do great today.” ~ Thomas Hill
  23. “We’re going to take them out one at a time.” ~ Thomas Hill
  24. “When your body tells you that you can’t do it, don’t listen to it. It will tell you that you should quit, but you tell your body that your mind is in charge today.” ~ Thomas Hill
  25. “Give God your best, Hannah. And no matter what, I love you.” ~ Thomas Hill
  26. “Even if your legs start to hurt, don’t slow down. That can make them hurt even more. Keep your pace and push through. You’ll find a second wind.” ~ Thomas Hill
  27. “Don’t look back to see who’s behind you, don’t worry about them. Focus on what’s ahead. It’s just like in life, you can’t let the past slow you down. Press on to what’s ahead.” ~ Thomas Hill
  28. “When we give our life over to God, He helps us, He forgives us, He can turn the bad to good and carry us forward.” ~ Thomas Hill
  29. “I wake up every morning with a smile on my face ready to pray for you. I’ve been praying that you would know that I love you, and that God loves you.” ~ Thomas Hill

  30. “If someone is in front of you, fight past them. You can shake her hand after the race.” ~ Thomas Hill
  31. “If you’re like me, this is where your body hits the wall, but we’re gonna push through it. This is where you think like a winner!” ~ Thomas Hill
  32. “Most runners will slow down, but not you. You have half a mile to go and it belongs to you. If your legs are burning, let them burn. Your lungs may be tired but they’re not done yet. Other runners are feeling the same thing. You’ve got to get yourself in position.” ~ Thomas Hill
  33. “Your last kick is coming. If anyone is in front of you, you’ve got to get around them. Don’t let anyone block you.” ~ Thomas Hill
  34. “You’re near the finish line and we’re going to finish strong. You’re about to come out of the woods.” ~ Thomas Hill
  35. ‘This is where you pull all your reserves! This is where you leave it all on the course! Now my daughter, it’s time. Hannah, track her down!” ~ Thomas Hill
  36. “You can do this! Give it everything! Extend your stride, pump your arms.” ~ Thomas Hill
  37. “Keep your eyes on the finish line and fight for it! I’m right here with you. You can do this! I can see you winning! I can see you winning!” ~ Thomas Hill

  38. “I’m very proud of you! You’ve never run better. You were amazing.” ~ John Harrison
  39. “It turns out you were leaning forward an inch more than she was. Congratulations! You just won the state championship!” ~ Official
  40. “I want you to know your dad was a very good friend to me. And I grew to love and respect him very much.” ~ John Harrison
  41. “For six weeks I had the best dad in the world.” ~ Hannah Scott
  42. “At some point you will ask yourself who you really are. I used to struggle with that. I felt like I was a mistake and had no place in this world, I felt unloved and unwanted, I got so many mixed messages from the world around me that I lived in confusion most of the time. But when I met the One that created me, I found my identity.” ~ Hannah Scott
  43. “The Creator gets to define His creation. I still have good days and bad days, I still have struggles. But through all of that I know that the One who loves me and died for me is with me.” ~ Hannah Scott
  44. “He overcame everything for me – sin, suffering and death. So I walk with Him every day. I trust in Him every day. And since my identity is found in Him, I know exactly who I am.” ~ Hannah Scott

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