45 TC Stallings Quotes about Playing on God’s Team

45 TC Stallings Quotes about Playing on God’s Team

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TC Stallings quotes about playing on God's Team
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This book by TC Stallings is a devotional to get you in shape to serve faithfully on Team Jesus. He is also the author of, The Pursuit, which is about discovering God’s purpose for your own life.

His life is an inspiration to many other people especially after his appearances in movies like War Room. He has an impressive acting profile and a joy to watch on the big screen. However, he keeps first things first and in this book he wants you to know how to play on God’s Team.

Here are 45 of his best quotes from the book:

  1. “Team Jesus requires our best, it deserves our best, and it demands our best. Every player (or coach) on any team knows that poor effort will not produce victories.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  2. “If I wanted to play well in the game of life, then I needed to give my spiritual head coach everything I had.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  3. “Since we as Christians are indeed a team, then we can say that God is our head coach, along with His Son Jesus (who saved us) and His Holy Spirit (who empowers us).” ~ T.C. Stallings
  4. “We can stop God’s plan in our lives by abandoning His plan and doing our own thing.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  5. “We get in God’s way by not allowing Him to have His way. This is when we as players decide to take on the role of head coach.” ~ TC Stallings
  6. “There is only one way to play on God’s team—His way.” ~ TC Stallings
  7. “We cannot claim a spot on God’s team, or claim Him as our coach, if we are not willing to play by His rules.” ~ TC Stallings
  8. “Christians must back up our talk with our walk, which means our lives must align with Scripture.” ~ TC Stallings
  9. “Grace is not opposed to great effort. Grace should be the inspiration behind your great effort.” ~ TC Stallings
  10. “Effort and grace are two parts of our faith that must work together—they go hand in hand.” ~ TC Stallings

  11. “God chose you, and then He game planned your life! He knew exactly why He made you and what He wanted your purpose to be.” ~ TC Stallings
  12. “Thankfully, God never looks for perfect players. He only looks for willing ones—those who are willing to play hard on His team.” ~ TC Stallings
  13. “Jesus sends His Holy Spirit to knock at the door of our hearts and minds. If we open the door, then He will begin the process of revealing His game plan for our lives.” ~ TC Stallings
  14. “You don’t pay to play on Jesus’ team, but it does cost us. It costs us control of every aspect of our lives.” ~ TC Stallings
  15. “Jesus immediately wants to start the process of making new players ready to be useable in the game of life.” ~ TC Stallings
  16. “Once saved, we have signed up to spiritually get into the game of life, and so we must do everything we can to prepare to play.” ~ TC Stallings
  17. “What good is it to know that we have extreme power through Christ if we will not let Him train us to use it?” ~ TC Stallings
  18. “As players on God’s team, we too must spiritually strength train. Satan’s team preys on the weak Christians, so Jesus tests our strength, assesses it, and strengthens us accordingly!” ~ TC Stallings
  19. “The goal of developing endurance is simple: it is so that we will never have to give up or quit short of victory.” ~ TC Stallings
  20. “Whenever we feel like quitting, we need to set our sights on Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate example of endurance.” ~ TC Stallings

  21. “Players are without excuse when it comes to knowing the plays, especially since they have unlimited access to the playbook.” ~ TC Stallings
  22. “Poor playbook knowledge breaks the line of communication between the coach and player during games because they are not on the same page.” ~ TC Stallings
  23. “As players on God’s team, our spiritual playbook is the Bible. We all know it is a pretty big book, but so are the playbooks on most athletic teams.” ~ TC Stallings
  24. “Many battles are lost before the game is ever played due to the unfamiliarity of the opponent.” ~ TC Stallings
  25. “Players on God’s team must study the opponent as well if we are to win at the game of life.” ~ TC Stallings
  26. “Not understanding who we are dealing with when it comes to Satan is a loss waiting to happen.” ~ TC Stallings
  27. “Anything we desire to become skilled at doing will require some version of practice.” ~ TC Stallings
  28. “If we do not practice living out Scripture in our lives, then we should not expect to perform well in the game of life!” ~ TC Stallings
  29. “Like most head coaches who require regular meetings with their players, Jesus requires His players to attend His team meetings as well.” ~ TC Stallings
  30. “God’s team holds team meetings in the form of church services, Bible study groups, mission trips, community service projects, retreats, and much more.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  31. “There is a desperate need for spiritual accountability and encouragement among Christians today.” ~ T.C. Stallings

  32. “Our spiritual head coach always has the door open and expects to hear from us regularly.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  33. “Jesus knows that His spiritual athletes will deal with all kinds of issues in the game. And so He wants His players to go into the game with a sense of peace!” ~ T.C. Stallings
  34. “Unlike the sports uniforms that feature jerseys, padding, and logos, the Christian uniform is spiritual, protecting and identifying us as spiritual players on God’s team.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  35. “The choices Christians make play a strong role in the way onlookers perceive our faith and our team.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  36. “A Christian’s conduct is the number one indicator of the presence or absence of God in his or her life.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  37. “Christians must be rooted and firmly grounded in the Word of God so that we can make spiritually sure-footed moves in the game of life.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  38. “How we use our minds to think and perceive determines the decisions we make in the game of life.” ~ T.C. Stallings

  39. “Satan knows the importance of our minds as well. He also wants to influence how we think. That is why our heads are always the main focus of Satan’s attacks.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  40. “When we choose to believe what Scripture says about our gifts, talents, abilities, and purposes, then we gain power against Satan!” ~ T.C. Stallings
  41. “Not only does the Bible provide a weapon against Satan, but it also helps us fight our worst enemy, which is ourselves.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  42. “Simply put, to not communicate with God is like ignoring the head coach during the game. It’s just not going to work.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  43. “On God’s team, there are no true spiritual victories in life if communication from the coach is cut off.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  44. “Jesus wants our complete best and He deserves nothing less. But we have not committed to giving Him what He wants!” ~ T.C. Stallings
  45. “Poor effort is never tolerated in the world of sports. And neither is a lack of passion, discipline, strength, courage, endurance, goals, commitment, intelligence, character, or unity.” ~ T.C. Stallings

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