45 TC Stallings Quotes for Living a Purposeful Life

45 TC Stallings Quotes for Living a Purposeful Life

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TC Stallings quotes about purpose
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TC Stallings is an actor, actor coach, author and former professional football player. He was the lead actor in the 2015 number one Kendrick Brothers movie, War Room. He is also a man after God’s heart as seen in the passion he has for the Kingdom of God.

His message to live according to God’s purpose for your life is one of the most inspiring that everyone will be motivated by. He goes in great detail about pursuing God’s purpose for your life in his book, “The Pursuit: 14 Ways in 14 Days to Passionately Seek God’s Purpose for Your Life.

Here are 45 insightful TC Stallings quotes from his

  1. “If you trust God’s plan for your life and commit to pursuing it, then your success in accomplishing His plan for your life is guaranteed.” ~ TC Stallings
  2. “The only thing that can stop the plan of God for your life is you.” ~ TC Stallings
  3. “If you believe in Jesus Christ and His Word, then you have purpose.” ~ TC Stallings
  4. “If you fully believe in Scripture, then you can be 100 percent sure that each and every day of your life has a God-ordained purpose attached to it.” ~ TC Stallings
  5. “The person you are and everything about you was by design—God’s design—and not simply by accident.” ~ TC Stallings
  6. “The Bible declares that God personally designed His plans for your life, inserted them, and then watched it all play out like a movie before you even took shape in the womb.” ~ TC Stallings
  7. “God’s plan isn’t just the best plan; for the faithful, it’s also the only unstoppable one. It’s ordained. It’s blessed.” ~ TC Stallings
  8. “Once we become Christ followers, we have to actually follow Christ. We have to go where Jesus is going.” ~ TC Stallings

  9. “We can’t just give Jesus our hearts without giving Him our heads as well. God has to be the main influence on our thinking.” ~ TC Stallings
  10. “Unless you let God change your perspective about everything, it will be impossible to passionately pursue your purpose.” ~ TC Stallings
  11. “We are usually passionate about the things that matter most to us. What is it that matters most to you? If it is different than what matters most to God, then chances are good that He is coming in second place to your first love.” ~ TC Stallings
  12. “When it comes to your purpose, simply ask God. Why settle for confusion, guessing, or ‘winging it,’ when God has graciously offered you access to His wisdom?” ~ TC Stallings
  13. “It is possible to know exactly what to do when it comes to pursuing your purpose. You can make all the right decisions if you passionately attempt to seek God’s direction and obey Him.” ~ TC Stallings
  14. “Just as a GPS recalculates and reroutes us when we make a wrong turn, the Holy Spirit is ready to do the same concerning our wrong turns in life.” ~ TC Stallings
  15. “If confusion concerning God’s purpose for you ever sets in, just know that you do not have to let it stay, because you are never without access to God’s wisdom.” ~ TC Stallings
  16. “All your prayers concerning the wisdom you will need for decisions you must make will be generously answered by our God. What a blessing that is indeed.” ~ TC Stallings
  17. “Jesus is not in the lead of every good idea. He’s in the lead of His Father’s ideas, and God will only honor the lives of those who seek this will above their own.” ~ TC Stallings

  18. “You cannot let success be the single determining factor for the choices that you make concerning life, since God is not always behind everything that appears successful.” ~ TC Stallings
  19. “Allow God’s will—His purpose for you—to be the driving force for what you decide to do today, and every day.” ~ TC Stallings
  20. “The goal of Christ is for His Father to be glorified, for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. If that’s the goal of your day, then Jesus promises to do whatever is necessary to accomplish it in your life.” ~ TC Stallings
  21. “Whenever Satan decides to launch an attack against you, this is a good indicator that you are on the right path.” ~ TC Stallings
  22. “When you decide to pursue God’s purposes for your life, Satan will attack and try to insert his own agenda.” ~ TC Stallings
  23. “Keep this in mind: Satan can’t stop you because he can’t stop God. Through Jesus, your God-given purpose will always move forward—regardless of a satanic attack against it.” ~ TC Stallings
  24. “What seems like a no-brainer to Christians can sometimes be one of the most overlooked aspects of our faith. In this case, I’m talking about prayer.” ~ TC Stallings
  25. “You can feel as though you are highly gifted and strong spiritually, with tremendous respect and reverence for God, which may be true, but that doesn’t mean He is leading and guiding your every step. Only prayer can assure that.” ~ TC Stallings
  26. “A part of every Christ follower’s God-given purpose is helping others to realize theirs.” ~ TC Stallings

  27. “Collectively, all Christians have a few things in common when it comes to God’s purposes: we must all love God, we must all love people, and we must all go and make disciples.” ~ TC Stallings
  28. “Each day that you take on the spiritual battles of life without communicating with the Commander, you are choosing to fight without guidance from the only one guaranteed to lead you into victory.” ~ TC Stallings
  29. “If you ever doubt whether or not you are truly fulfilling your purpose, just ask yourself this question: ‘How many people have I introduced to, and taught about, Jesus?’” ~ TC Stallings
  30. “Following Jesus wholeheartedly matters. What you do in your day-to-day life matters.” ~ TC Stallings
  31. “God does not accept ‘selective’ Christian living (people treating the Bible like a spiritual buffet). These type of people love to pick and choose which Scriptures they want to obey.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  32. “One of the biggest reasons many people doubt Christianity is because of what some of us choose to do with our lives. We sometimes allow too much sin to creep in, while using the “nobody’s perfect” cliché as a crutch.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  33. “The bottom line is that unless you allow Jesus to refine you daily, you will never be able to fully live out God’s purpose for your life.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  34. “Respect for Jesus, combined with a passion for my God-given purpose, has shaped everything I do concerning my life and career.” ~ T.C. Stallings

  35. “If you haven’t already, you must make it a goal to live your life in such a way that God is consistently glorified through it.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  36. “Love. Forget about passionately pursuing your purpose if you do not know how to love well. This is another must-have quality for anyone who desires to do God’s will with his or her life.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  37. “We can’t claim to have a love for God while not striving to obey Him in all that He has revealed to us.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  38. “What can derail a person while living out their God-given purpose? There are many things, but one of them is losing passion.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  39. “A marriage can get into trouble when either the husband or wife loses passion; likewise, Christians get into trouble when they allow themselves to become less passionate about God.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  40. “When it comes to your purpose, you must do it with passion, or God may not allow you to do it at all. This is especially true for those of us whose lack of passion leads to lack of control over sin.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  41. “Whenever you feel as though you are losing any passion, desire, or energy while pursuing your purpose, be sure to stop immediately and pray, asking God to restore the passion like you had when you first started serving Him.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  42. “Your passion for your purpose is like fuel. The Holy Spirit has to fill you up again.” ~ T.C. Stallings

  43. “Passionately pursuing your purpose is great, but if you ever think that you can pursue it without staying connected to Jesus then you’re wrong. You can try, but you will fail.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  44. “Do not put off pursuing your God-given purpose—not even for one day.” ~ T.C. Stallings
  45. “Knowing that the one and only all-powerful God of the universe has designed an unstoppable plan for your life should cause you to chase after this plan with everything you have.” ~ T.C. Stallings

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