48 Ed Silvoso Quotes on Successful Marketplace Ministry

48 Ed Silvoso Quotes on Successful Marketplace Ministry

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The church has at times been in error in regarding making money as an area for the unholy. Ed Silvoso debunks this myth in his book, Anointed for Business. He demonstrates how the marketplace can be used to advanced the Kingdom of God as opposed to popular opinion.

When the children of God are empowered financially we can do great damages to the kingdom of darkness. Money is what speaks and gives influence in this world and so it’s good to be involved in business.

Here are 48 of Ed’s best quotes from his book:

  1. “The more I prayed, the more God’s hand showed up at work. The more He intervened, the better each project turned out.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  2. “To be anointed for business is to be set aside by God for service in the marketplace.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  3. “Once anointed, we are to use our job as a ministry vehicle to transform the marketplace so that the gospel will be preached to, and heard by, every creature in our sphere of influence.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  4. “Demons spend their time in the command centers that control unredeemed business, education and government circles.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  5. “It was not difficult for Jesus’ neighbors to see Him as a businessman since many may have purchased products made by His hands.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  6. “Jesus did not merely do carpentry as a hobby. He had learned a trade in order to make a living, and this required that He run His shop at a profit.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  7. “The picture of an ascetic, hermitlike Jesus does not emerge from the Scriptures; rather, it comes from distorted human traditions. It is true that He spent long hours alone in prayer, but He usually did this at night.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  8. “The relationship between labor and worship is important. In fact, God introduced labor before worship.” ~ Ed Silvoso

  9. “The church was not conceived inside a religious building; rather, it started in the upper room of a private home.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  10. “First-century Christians did not see working in the marketplace and serving in the Church as mutually exclusive activities.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  11. “Much of the economy of Ephesus was based upon demon activities centered on the worship of goddesses, specifically Artemis, the fertility goddess who is referred to as Diana. This allowed Satan’s bunker to be firmly entrenched in the marketplace.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  12. “There is no doubt that Ephesus was transformed by a power that occurred in the marketplace.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  13. “Most prophets in the Old Testament, with the notable exceptions of Eli and Samuel, were businessmen who did not support themselves with traditional Levitical resources.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  14. “The profit motive is to a businessperson what the drive to win is to an athlete.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  15. “No one appreciates the need for the healing of the land more than people in the marketplace.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  16. “Do not let your occupation block your destiny; instead, allow your destiny to shape your business by turning it into your ministry.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  17.  “We often fail to see the innermost needs of the rich and famous because of a bias that ascribes virtue to poverty and innate evil to wealth.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  18. “Rich people need to be saved so that they can bring the kingdom of God to their cities.” ~ Ed Silvoso

  19. “Wealth is a gift from God, but it needs to be brought under the power and authority of our Lord. Redeemed wealth has a key role in God’s plans to establish His kingdom on Earth.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  20. “God entrusts people with riches to bless others because wealth is a renewable resource and He is the generous replenisher.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  21. “What wrestles control away from Satan is a new social entity made up of people who previously were under his dominion.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  22. “Feeding the hungry alone does not produce church growth, because hunger is a symptom, not a cause. Today there are communities where there are no hungry people but no evidence of church growth either.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  23. “When both the rich and the poor enter the kingdom of God, mutual hatred and contempt are replaced by fervent love.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  24. “When the wealthy and the poor walk together, the rich provide hope and the poor impart faith.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  25. “As long as we believe that the Church was born between four walls, we will always need four walls to have a church.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  26. “Why is force necessary? Because establishing God’s kingdom on Earth requires confronting the kingdom of darkness.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  27. “The boardroom should be to those anointed to serve in the marketplace what the pulpit is to pastors.” ~ Ed Silvoso

  28. “The Church is men and women, masters and slaves, parents and children who have been set free from the kingdom of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of light.” ~ Ed Silvoso
  29. “Because this is a spiritual battle, we need to use spiritual weapons. Prayer and intercession are ‘divinely powerful weapons,’ which need to be included in the tool kits of every marketplace Christian.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  30. “Many people think that we pray just for new sales and more profits. What we have found, however, is that sin inhibits God from bringing His blessing to the company.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  31. “Jesus came to seek, save and restore what was lost including labor.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  32. “If every believer will go to work fully convicted that he or she is worshipping God through labor and that every consecutive action at work is a form of caring for God’s creation, our cities will be transformed.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  33. “What is important is that you be in the system, because God has a purpose for you to fulfil in the marketplace. Consequently, make peace with your job by accepting it as God’s starting point for you.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  34. “Your attitude will determine the outcome. Attitude always determines altitude.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  35. “Make a list of all the good things that your job has to offer, and then affirm them. Make a declaration that you wholeheartedly embrace your job.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  36. “So often Christians in the marketplace project tremendous rejection toward the workplace. They point to the flaws in the system and thus condemn it. We should not do this.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  37. “Obedience rates higher with God than our attempts at understanding the command He is giving us.” ~ Ed_Silvoso

  38. “Never has the Christian faith shone so brightly in the midst of so much darkness and touched such a vast audience.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  39. “Obedience in spite of fear is what made Gideon such a hero.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  40. “Obedience is what God expects. Lift up your eyes from your immediate needs and fix them on God’s eternal destiny for you.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  41. “The most lethal form of deceit is the one brought about by personal sin.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  42. “If there is sin in your life, repent, renounce it and return to the Lord right away. God will not bless you until you have dealt with it because God is holy.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  43. “Business can be done God’s way or man’s way. It is obvious which way will be the most efficient. Many Christians in the marketplace fail because they rely upon carnal instead of spiritual tools.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  44. “It is not enough to allow marketplace ministers to participate in the ministry. They need to become ministry peers.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  45. “If you know what God has in store for you, begin to act on it right away.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  46. “You may have a very low position, but if you know that God has anointed you for business, He will keep expanding your sphere of influence until you reach the level He has chosen for you.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  47. “A woman can be strong and remain feminine. She can be a wise leader and godly at the same time.” ~ Ed_Silvoso
  48. “Only servants are entrusted with the opportunity to move from ‘a few things’ to ‘many things’ simply because of their faithfulness.” ~ Ed_Silvoso

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