48 Vaughn McLaughlin Quotes on Being Right With God

48 Vaughn McLaughlin Quotes on Being Right With God

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Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin is a minister of the Word of God based in Jacksonville, Florida. He leads the The Potters House ministry that’s community centered to touch people’s lives.

Like many young people he grew up without his father who abandoned their family. As a result he got involved in drugs that took him down the wrong road. God arrested him nonetheless and gave his life to him.

He later challenged him to make peace with his father and difficult upbringing. That one bold move set him completely free and he encourages others with similar issues to do the same.

Check out 48 of his best life lessons:

  1. “If you don’t need God, God don’t need you.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  2. “Don’t let your issues keep you from serving God. They don’t keep you from getting up and going to work.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  3. “God doesn’t call bishops, He calls sinners. He lets man make the sinners He called into bishops.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  4. “We can’t preach to who we want to. The people that need to hear a word from God are the people that NEED to hear a word from God.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  5. “He didn’t come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. Sinners and rejects get ready. God’s getting ready to pour his Spirit out on ALL flesh.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  6. “I love God more right now than I ever have in my life.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  7. “When you are wrong in any essential doctrine taught in the word of God it will affect the way you interpret the entire text.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  8. “Life is so uncertain, so short and so precious. Live it to the utmost but be prepared to die.”

  9. “I am now persuaded that folk are missing out on some things simply because they do not ask for it. James 4:2.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  10. “If God don’t keep you, you won’t be kept.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  11. “There is a lion tracking you but there is a lamb protecting you.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  12. “God’s plan is to multiply and add; not subtract and divide.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  13. “The Word of God is the manufacturer’s instruction manual for how we ought to operate and also how to fix us when we are broken.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  14. “Wouldn’t it be great if the saints would stop gossiping about people who sin differently than they do?” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  15. “Grace without truth is meaningless but truth without grace is just mean! (Jesus was full of grace and truth).” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  16. “When you say yes to God you say no to self.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  17. “WHAT we preach is so much more important than HOW we preach. HOW we live is so much more important than WHERE we live. WHY we give is so much more important than HOW MUCH we give.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  18. “Marriage doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be persistent. It is a covenant that should only be broken by death. (And that’s not until one of you kill the other).” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  19. “If a man will not honor his natural father, a spiritual father does not stand a chance.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin

  20. “We’ve got to move from [Lord] ‘help me’ to ‘work through me.’” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  21. “Don’t pray for something that you really need and not expect a fight.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  22. “I would rather listen to a good Bible based, Holy Ghost filled sermon any day over watching any movie.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  23. “The preaching of the cross in spirit and power is what will change lives. When preaching is art only it doesn’t change lives it makes people like me change the channel.” ~ Vaughn McLaughlin
  24. “There are prophets and then there are false prophets. Please learn the difference. It can save your life.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  25. “If you’ve got a problem with someone, whatever it is. Get it right with them before it’s too late.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  26. “When you learn how to manage your own money, you won’t be tempted to rob God of His.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  27. “You can’t use God to become successful. You have to obey God to become successful.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin

  28. “Keep your eye on the storm but keep your eyes on God.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  29. “One of the hardest things in life is to grieve the loss of a loved one that’s still alive.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  30. “Pure worship of God doesn’t draw crowds; it draws God.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  31. “Think about all of the people that God has used to bless you/help you and then tell the Lord thank you.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  32. “Living for God is not as hard as some folk make it out to be. (But sho’ ain’t as easy as some folk make it out to be).” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  33. “Please don’t let your success be an anesthesia that keeps you from being convicted of sin.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  34. “The devil is not after your money, your house, your car or your job. You don’t even want them!! (He’s after your faith).” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  35. “You don’t have to believe in hell to not go to hell. You have to believe in Jesus.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  36. “I’d rather preach unpleasant truth than preach pleasant error.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin

  37. “God ain’t nobody to play with. Trust me, I ain’t playing. Don’t do it. Don’t play with God!” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  38. “You won’t get converted until you first get convicted.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  39. “Unrepented of dysfunction shall follow you all the days of your life.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  40. “I can only let you down if you think that I’m the one holding you up. God’s got you, not me.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  41. “A God called Preacher’s voice will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  42. “God is great and greatly to be praised. Period!” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  43. “The devil is so afraid that the people of God will one day realize that he’s defeated already!” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  44. “When God’s got something He wants you to do, you can’t tell Him that you’ve got your ministry.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  45. “Don’t pray about something that you ain’t willing to wait for.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  46. “You are not your gift; your gift just needs a platform. You need character!” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  47. “Betrayal can only occur after you’ve trusted someone with something that has been entrusted to you.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin
  48. “People come into your life for a season, a reason or sometimes treason.” ~ Vaughn_McLaughlin

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