5 Essential Skills for the Business of the 21st Century

5 Essential Skills for the Business of the 21st Century

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skills you need for the business of the 21st century
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The business of the 21st century is what Robert Kiyosaki popularly coined the multi level marketing business. It gives average people a chance to live above average lives.

In his book by the same name he speaks about the industry in great detail and if you’re considering learning more his book is a great resource. In this post however, we are going to look at some of the essential skills you need to be successful in the business.

1. Prospecting

Creating a list of contacts is a key skill in the success of any business and multi level marketing is no different. Successful people are always looking to make new connections because they understand that they have room for growth.

They don’t settle for the level of success they have today; They choose to connect with more people that can help them get better. You never know how the relationships in your life can take you to the next level so it’s a good practice to meet new people all the time.

Eric Worre in his book, “Go Pro” speaks about developing a habit of making at least one or two new contacts daily and adding them to your list of connections. You may not talk to them about your business opportunity right away but finding creative ways to keep in touch with them is a good practice.

He also advises that you must think about the people that your people know and write them down in your list. This exercise will help you realize that you have more potential customers than you might have thought you had before.

2. Inviting

Whatever business opportunity you’re into having a names list is imperative. It is one of your top critical success factors if you’re going to be successful in the business of the 21st century. Without it you have no chance of building the business.

Inviting techniques are more or less the same but may differ depending on the product or service you’re selling and the training you receive from the company. Inviting also doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s simply an invitation to get together with a friend to do things you’d normally do in a relaxed way.

You should mention to them however that there’s something you would like to run by them in an excited tone. That way your prospect will be excited to meet with you and it won’t be a weird experience as some people tend to make it.

Successful person in the industry have the mindset that they want to share a gift with their prospects and not take from them. Some people are afraid to share their opportunity because they wrongly feel guilty that they are somehow taking away from their prospects.

Think about this way; if you watched an awesome movie or dined at a lovely restaurant you would naturally want to tell others about it, right? It’s the same mindset you should have when you invite your prospects to have a look at your opportunity.

3. Presenting

When you get an appointment with your prospect it’s the opportunity to present to them what you have to offer. Common tools that are used today to present a multi level marketing opportunity including video presentations or DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, live home meetings and webinars. It doesn’t matter what the medium is as long as your prospect gets to see the information.

One powerful key to success is to tell a story when you make the presentation to your prospect because they resonate with them. Your presentation should relate to what they are experiencing in their life and show them a solution to their problems.

Having success stories about other people involved in your business opportunity helps your prospect make a decision to get involved. When your prospects see others having success they will believe that they can too. In essence your presentation should tell a story.

The top professionals in the industry have a saying that goes, “facts tell, stories sell.” People are not moved by facts, they are moved by emotion. If they can relate to something emotionally they are moved to take the required action to achieve desired outcomes.

4. Follow up and closing

Like most other business opportunities in life most of your prospects will not become customers right away. It’s a small fraction of them that will become customers the first time they see your opportunity.

Diligent follow-up and follow-through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence.” ~ John C Maxwell

For some they won’t understand how it works or even if they have the time to do it. Your job is not to pressure them but gently educate them about the industry and how they can benefit. Some may be excited about it but aren’t ready to get started either because the timing is not right or they don’t yet have the money to start.

Others are just not interested but it doesn’t mean you should cut ties with them. You never know if they will come around later down the road. No matter what the objection might be your job is to follow up with your prospect until a time that they’re ready.

I know of people who were followed up at least 10 times and went on to be one of the greatest professionals in the industry. Another saying the successful people have is, “The fortune is in the follow-up.

5. Educating

Like any profession you must get the right education to be successful at it. The business of the 21st century is no different. To become a professional doctor you must attend medicine school for maybe 5 years attending lectures and doing practical work.

Income seldom exceeds personal development.” ~ Jim Rohn

Multi level marketing companies tend to do conventions or seminars where they teach you the skills you need to be successful in the business. Without it you have no chance of building your business to a level of significance.

In addition to attending these seminars you must also engage in personal development by reading books that will teach you more about the business and leading people. After all the business of the 21st century is about building a network of business partners.

You can only go so far without the right knowledge and skill set in this business so constant learning is imperative if your goal is to get to the top. Successful people never stop learning in spite of the massive success they already have. There is also room for growth and achieve success at a higher level.

Even if you’re not doing this business personal development is critical to success in any field you choose to get involved in.

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