5 Hazards That Can Keep you From Your Promised Land

5 Hazards That Can Keep you From Your Promised Land

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When you look at the story of the Israelites in the Old Testament of the Bible there are many lessons that we can take and apply to our lives today. Through Abraham God promised the Israelites that He would lead them back to the land of Canaan, many years before, which was the promise.

They were held captive in Egypt for 400 years and it may have looked like that the promise was forgotten but it definitely was not the case. God used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt with the land of Canaan being their ultimate destination, the land of promise. The land of promise was the land flowing with milk and honey.

The Promised Land today for you may represent realizing the dreams and desires that God has put in your heart. This could be a blossoming career, successful marriage, thriving business, opportunities to travel around the world, etc.

Along the way to the Promised Land a whole generationperished in the wilderness and failed to make it. This was not because God was not able to keep His promise but because of the Israelites’ own shortcomings. There are 5 specific things that kept them from getting there and these are the same things that keep many people from living a successful life. They are as follows:

1. Lust

The goal of lust is to satisfy self and not giving thought to other people. The most obvious examples are those of nations where the majority of the population wallows in poverty while a few people benefit. It’s really sad seeing people suffer like that especially young people whose careers are severely affected for the most part.

The cure for lust is love which is not selfish, does not look out only for its own interests but also looks at the interests of others. Are there any areas in your life where this sin is hindering your progress? You may want to take some time to reflect on that area.

2. Idolatry

The sin of idolatry basically centers on making something else more important than God. This may come in many different forms such as business, money, ministry, pornography, celebrity status, and even devotion to a sports team. Not that any of these things are wrong in themselves but the sin is in seeking satisfaction in them.

I know this is a challenge for most men around the world. As men we have the desire to be heroes and in extreme cases some will do ‘whatever it takes’ to win. When devotion to God ceases to become a man’s top priority is when he begins to experience problems in his life. Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established is how Proverbs 16:3 puts it.

3. Fornication

Of all the sins fornication is the major one that keeps people living below their full potential. Fornication includes all kinds of sex sins and does the most damage in a person’s life. You have probably heard of stories about pastors whose ministries dwindled because of unfaithfulness with perhaps a congregant of their church.

Most men struggle with this sin, both single and married men. As a result most of them have underdeveloped characters and never truly make an impact on the world around them. Satan used this tactic then and he still uses it today. Fornication steals your vitality and your future so it’s best not to even go down that road.

4. Tempting Christ

When people cheat their customers and then expect God to bless their businesses is an example of tempting Christ. It is demanding that He acts contrary to His character. Mistreating your wife and then expecting your marriage and career to flourish is an oxymoron as some would say.

God cannot be mocked therefore be obedient to His Word so that you may receive the promises into your life.

5. Complaining

Complaining constantly shows a lack of faith in God. Some of the Israelites that complained incessantly where swallowed by the earth in the wilderness because God had had enough because of their insolence.

Life has never been easy and it’s the same today but as you trust God in your journey you can be sure that whatever the outcome everything is going to be alright. Stay plugged in and you have less reason to complain.


These 5 sins are explained in 1 Corinthians 10. Be sure to read that scripture as well as to share your views in the comments below

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