5 Reasons You Should Pursue a Life Balance and not Success

5 Reasons You Should Pursue a Life Balance and not Success

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The way the world is changing today and developments in technology has somewhat influenced society to live life in the fast lane. In a subtle way these developments affect our lives in that we try to keep up with the latest things and lose life balance in the process.

In a world where everything is screaming for your attention you must develop an awareness and keep your focus on pursuing a life balance and not merely success in the fast lane. Here are some reason why.

1. Peace of mind

I have heard many stories about people who appeared successful to the world but were depressed on the inside. For the most part they pressured themselves or were pressured into living a certain standard of life. As a result some of these people have died too early due to the burden of expectation which is sad.

A life balance is necessary if you want peace of mind. Other aspects of your life tend to be neglected which is when depression creeps in. Your mind is your most valuable asset and if the devil can unsettle your mind he can run riot in your life.

The devil’s only agenda is to steal, kill and destroy you and God’s purpose for your life. As long as you stay rooted in God he may try but will not be successful in the end. The key to success is to be intentional about wanting to have peace as you let God fully reign over your life.

When you have peace of mind you are in a better position to move forward in the direction of God’s purpose for your life. Storms will come but you will have the assurance of victory because you’ll be having Jesus in your boat. With Jesus no weapon fashioned against you will prosper.

2. For the good of relationships

Successful people understand that relationships are important. A balanced lifestyle makes room for people because without them you don’t get far in life. Sadly most people will worship at the shrine of their business in the name of wanting to provide for their families.

This is a major problem with men that affects the families involved where you might have children that grow up rebellious and/or marital tensions building up that in some cases may lead to divorce. God created you to work and glorify Him doing so but it must be well balanced with the time you must invest into the people you care about the most.

This was the case with Eli the Priest in the book of Samuel. Eli spent most of his time in the Lord’s house doing good works but he neglected his sons. His son’s rebellion and waywardness may have been their way of getting their dad’s attention and crying out for him to be more involved in their lives. Since Eli failed to take care of that responsibility God condemned him in that his seed would not continue after him. He and his sons died and it was a sad ending to his life.

3. All life aspects are important

A balanced lifestyle caters for your spiritual life, family, ministry, career, money, health, personal development, social contribution and having fun. Those are some of the main areas you must consider when pursuing a life balance.

Your relationship with God is the most important because it is He who gave your life and created you for a purpose to glorify Him. After God your family is next in the order of priorities starting with your spouse then your children. Your spouse is more important because you made a covenant with them and not your children.

Serving in God’s house advances his Kingdom here on earth. Your career makes you relevant to the people you serve. Money is important for your upkeep and to be a blessing to the people God puts in your life. Good health is necessary to do all the things God requires of you.

Personal development develops your mind so you become more effective at what you do. Social contribution blesses other people and more so the giver because it is more blessed to give than it is to receive. Lastly life must be enjoyed and so you must take time to have fun. All these aspects are critical which is why you must be intentional about life balance.

4. For longevity

Being successful isn’t about how prosperous you can be over a short period of time. There are lives that have been sadly cut short in the process. I read about the great missionary Eric Liddell one of the greatest athletes in history who competed and won medals at the 1924 Olympic Games.

Fame comes in a moment but greatness comes with longevity.” ~ Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

He was a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and also expressed that in his sporting exploits through his hard work and dedication. His life is depicted in the movie, “Chariots of Fire”. Sadly he died too soon at the tender age of 45 from an inoperable brain tumor. It is believed that overwork and malnourishment may have hastened his death.

Some people’s lives have been cut short because they exerted themselves too much which led to a deterioration in their health. Success in life requires a balanced lifestyle. Your health plays a big part in how long you will have to make an impact for the Kingdom of God while you live.

It’s not so much how fast you can get to your destination that’s important. You can get there step by step and make a greater impact in the process.

5. It honors God

A balanced lifestyle communicates to the world around you that God cares about every facet of your life. I have felt bad in the past for pursuing success at the expense of important relationships and coming to the realization that there wasn’t much to show for it.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” ~ Thomas Merton

In the pursuit of success some people can make you feel bad (if you allow them to) by saying things like you must forget sleep or people if you want to be successful. While there will be seasons in your life that will require a concentrated effort to get to a certain level sacrificing other important aspects of your life is dishonoring to God and hurts your family.

Your lifestyle may be the only Bible that the next person may ever read so you must strive to be the best with what you have where you are. Follow the life of Jesus Christ and live according to His commandments. His word has the answers to all the questions you have about being successful by His standards and not of the world.

Do you agree with this assessment? Let us know in the comments below.

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